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  1. PizallWízall

    ALL suspension bushings shot - need advice - feel free to make fun of me

    The rear toe links solved the majority of the rear darting left/right, hard to maintain straight steering. Also, I pressed out/in rear lower control arm bushings (6 total), front lower ball joints, complete front upper control arms, front/rear sway bar links. Still need to replace upper rear...
  2. PizallWízall

    04' 05' fan compatibility

    Successful! Reused the old fan's 4-pin harness housing. Removed the 2 2-pin harness housings from the new fan. Mapped over the wires accordingly. The wire colors did not match. It was easy to determine the 12 volt +, - power wires. The spade-type male contacts were a match. The smaller 12v...
  3. PizallWízall

    Electrical upgrades? Suggestions?

    Hey mfry, how is that js alternator working out for you? I ordered and received one last year and the bolt pattern was off. Not to mention it took almost a month to get that one. They never could figure out what I needed even after I fax them all kinds of info on the stock alternator. After...
  4. PizallWízall

    04' 05' fan compatibility

    Awesome! Because i went ahead and ordered one yesterday. You tha man Joe
  5. PizallWízall

    04' 05' fan compatibility

    I'm the proud owner of a 2005 LS V6 Luxury 124k. The fan/controller is bad (I opened the cover to find 2 burned mosfets on the board).The 04 LS fan has two 2pin connectors. The 05' LS fan has one 4pin connector. Do the wires on each perform the same function? Can the harnesses just be repinned...