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    New Mark LT Owner

    Very, very nice! :)
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    Stupid question, but I gotta know.

    Didn't get an owner's manual, seems it disappeared. :mad:
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    Stupid question, but I gotta know.

    I don't know where it is, but the dealership sent me a letter with the code. :cool:
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    Stupid question, but I gotta know.

    Got it, thanks everyone!
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    Just picked up a Navi

    Thank you for the information on the console bolts. As for the doors, when I test drove it, I thought they sounded "cheap" when I closed them. But, coming out of Chevrolet trucks that have a little weight in the doors, I'm getting used to it. I like a solid sound when I close the door, and...
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    Hey It's not my Job!

    I have seen that around here...gotta love Arkansas!
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    Stupid question, but I gotta know.

    Link didn't work. Thank you for your help. :)
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    Just picked up a Navi

    03 Ultimate, black on black. 38k miles, just got it last week $10k with 100k warranty and a trade. LOVE it, but my seats don't heat and cool right either, the dealership said they fixed them. Right. I guess I did get spoiled with the butt bakers Chevrolet put in the 05 TahoeZ71's. As...
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    Stupid question, but I gotta know.

    My dealership here in town is something to be desired. One of the reasons I almost didn't buy my Navigator. After getting no help from them, being a woman does NOT help at all. They think I'm stupid. Can someone please tell me where to find the 5 digit entry code for the door locks? I don't...
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    MY '03 Ultimate Chromed & Dresssed

    WOW! Nice Navi! Gives me lots of ideas... After reading this thread, I have the Ultimate. :)
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    03 Navigator owner for a week!

    :) Haven't been around here in a long time, but thought I'd check in. Got an 03 Navigator about a week ago, and I LOVE IT! Still have the 95 Mark VIII which is going to be my son's car come next June. Looking forward to spending time here again and checking out all the awesome Navigators...
  12. 2003 Lincoln Navigator

    2003 Lincoln Navigator

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    Anyone a bowler?

    Wow! Congratulations that is SO awesome! I bowled for years until my back decided to not let me anymore. I carried a 182 average, high game was 280, and high series was 705. Not too bad for a girl. LOL
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    Congratulations USC

    Well said Kbob. :Beer
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    Great Songs about Cars or Driving in Cars?

    Another favorite... Copperhead Road--Steve Earle :Beer :gr_hail:
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    Great Songs about Cars or Driving in Cars?

    Asleep at the Wheel does an awesome cover of "HotRodLincoln". :Beer
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    Great Songs about Cars or Driving in Cars?

    Gotta have "Hot Rod Lincoln"... :Beer
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    To those of you working today........

    Absolutely! Merry Christmas! :Beer
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    Merry Christmas To All at LvC!

    Little Christmas music for you courtesy of Larry the Cable Guy. :D NWS...