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    '97 LSC Wiper functions.

    yeah, I think your right at looking to put in a new motor. I had the same issue on an 06 Dodge ram truck and the new motor I put in went bad just as the first one that was replaced by the previous owner. Both were China units. The problem was the cavity where the pot resistor is located would...
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    Hello from Japan,New owner of Mark VIII

    If the blend door arm breaks, the car will only give you cold air conditioning. The heat will not come on no matter what you set the control on. Also, the rubber vacuum hose that runs the air control commonly gets cracked from age. This will put your all your air flow to the windshield defroster...
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    Hello from Japan,New owner of Mark VIII

    Welcome to the sight Yuki. Your car looks to be in excellent shape. It must be very rare in Japan since only 30000 gen 2 97/98 cars were made. I would say the first thing to be ready to fix is the AC/heat air blend door control arm. Making the blend door arm pivot hole oblong as pictured in this...
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    I was lucky in that after I convinced the ID Dr. the tests were meaningless; He took my advice and gave me Minocycline instead of Doxy. 60 days of it knocked it out. If that didn't do the trick, it would have been daily IV meds. Hips & knees were the worst. like rigor Mortis anytime you were...
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    I'll jump in here on the defense of 2 items of the socialist system being bantered about. The corruption of the US Gov agencies and Pharma is more out in the open now than ever. FDA examiners have been being hired by the same companies they are expected to approve product from is so insane...
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    Man, what ever you'v been smokin, I'd like to get some! It makes Alice in wonderland your preferred news room director! Good s**t right there. Seems the normal reality is the law enforcement branches of the Fed gov have been illegally trying to keep Trump out of office from the git go with made...
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    Second Life

    Thank You for your appraisal of the XK8. I at first thought you had some unreconcilable issues with the XK but I'm glad thats not the case. The big thing with the Mark is the heater/AC blend door arm breaking. China came to the rescue on that one with new arms. You can find my how to repair in...
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    What did you do to your Mark VIII today?

    If your in there, you might want to consider the J mod. and check you valve springs for a broken one. The Jmod makes one hell of a difference in clean sharp 1-2-3 shifts. Factory porting was horribly mushy and oil heating. If you havent read this, its worth a look...
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    Second Life

    Not to derail your post but I think about a 07-09 XK coupe if one were to surface near by. Whats your thoughts on those XK's compared to our gen 2 MK IIIV's? Iv done coil swap, A arms, LED low beams, shocks, oil filter relocate, 2.5" dual pipes and a number of other things. The car runs pretty...
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    Sorry to get to you after you bought the K&N. Those are about the worst filters in keeping dirt out of your engine. The advertise as a performance filter inmost applications and the reason for that is they are pretty free flowing along with dirt. Years ago their media was tested along with about...
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    Air lift shocks

    The MA815's have softened up a bit since new so I'm at about 25 lbs on each of them. Car rides and handles just as I like it. Definitely would do it all over again if I had to. Just one note, You have to use the OEM tire size and original rim off set Rims to make sure the tires wont rub the...
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    How do you feel about Biden NOW?

    When I was growing up, My father was a very tuff disciplinarian. He was living in Kiev during the first battle for Kiev during the Barbarossa advance. In 47 days, the Germans wiped out 675,000 Russians killed or missing. Out of the 36 Russian divisions defending Kiev, only half of one division...
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    How do you feel about Biden NOW?

    Trump clearly wasn't a perfect POTUS but when compared to what was before and after 45, He was a Marvel comic book hero of monumental proportions. Just like those stupid yet profitable cards he put out. The dope was is in Irland and says..... "I may be Irish ...but I'm not stupid"...
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    SCIL or PATS Issue?

    This is the fan I bought and fit into the G2 shroud
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    SCIL or PATS Issue?

    I just did my cooling fan replacment last year. The old one was drawing alot of juice at start up. The slow stage strat up burns out in these cars so you only get full fan speed when they come on. The new fan is still running good...
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    SCIL or PATS Issue?

    Its said that if it was PATS, you would get flashing lights on the dash. It sounds like another SCIL problem. Apparently that can show up in a variety of ways but all ways a dead key no start. If I were you, I would pull all the plugs off the SCIL inspect them for any moisture that may have...
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    Old posts

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    Trouble with mark viii rear coil conversion

    I had to grind my spring compressors thinner at their claw so I could get them out of the spring once they were in place. It was a bit of a pita but they eventualy went in OK. All I can say is keep trying and dont be afraid to modify the cups if they dont sit right. I have a picture of the rear...
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    Oil filter adapter gasket question

    I have no idea about the rings but as far as I know, the filter adapter plate leaking has nothing to do with coolant. Everything I'v read on that is it just leaks oil onto the ground when they go bad. Maybe a 96 has a coolant tie in?
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    WIPERS multiple issues.

    My suggestion would be to change out the motor. I had wacky problem with my 06 Dodge ram like what your describing. I bought a new control stick and motor. I put the motor in first and everything worked fine for a few months. Then it started all over again. I took the new motor apart and found...