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  1. Gambini

    Lincoln LS For Sale

    wats a swap a lease
  2. Gambini

    Lincoln LS For Sale

    Damn yo sometimes I feel like just dumping that :q:q:q:q in okkechobee lake... :q:q:q:q!!!! :q:q:q:q carmax!!!!
  3. Gambini

    Lincoln LS For Sale

    Want to sale my 04LS 84,000 Miles for take over payments plus 2000 cash. Do you guys think anyone would be willing to do it on the street. Im paying 372 a month with a factory guarantee up to 104,000 miles. I still have $15,000 left on the letter with 14% interest. Maybe they could re- finance...
  4. Gambini

    how much for insurance?

    bro 836 every 6 months thats about 142 a omnht with geico
  5. Gambini

    Ah, the wonders of living in a police state

    Yay Miami Police how fun
  6. Gambini

    Remember when Obama said '57' states

    I got it hes not a man at all!
  7. Gambini

    HR 362 and the Alarming Escalation of Hostility Towards Iran HR 362

    Fuuck Just Blow Them Out The Earth Already
  8. Gambini


    Hey thanks, I found it in the owners manual box never read the thing thanks
  9. Gambini


    Hey I never registered with Lincoln when I bought the LS last December and I really want to put in the code for the drivers door.. Sometimes I forget my keys in the house and I have to go back in just to get a book out or something.. IDK how can I start using it or even should I register. I...
  10. Gambini

    McCain's Personal Notes on the USA Today Poll Leaked to Press

    No way I dont beleive it? ^ I mean the bills?
  11. Gambini

    For those of you counting.... 12 under the bus

    He grabbed him by the neck therefore shoved him down the bus
  12. Gambini

    The Democrats Immigration Plan

    Idk what do you guys suggest build the fence on the border?
  13. Gambini

    The Democrats Immigration Plan

    OK whatever deport all illegals and than lets see how much you like tomatoes.. whatever deport them all I'm saying its not all that bad...
  14. Gambini

    The Democrats Immigration Plan

    interesting.... Whatever go ahead move to New York so you can complain about the Puerto Ricans... America is the greatest country in the World and for some reason you cant seem to understand that diversity is what made this country great. Instead of closing the border why doesn't America open it...
  15. Gambini

    The Democrats Immigration Plan

    So your telling me that in the past 1981-2000 13 Million Legal immigrants came from Mexico... Come on read closer
  16. Gambini

    The Democrats Immigration Plan

    I'm not going to say anything... Just very interesting statistics
  17. Gambini

    The Democrats Immigration Plan

    In Cuba they have a "lottery" for a passport and visa.. You can apply but it depends if your name comes out. There is no real papers you file. Of course if you on a boat thanks to Clinton's wet foot dry foot policy many things have changed. Either way a Cuban comes to America it is considered...
  18. Gambini

    Does Google Hate America?

    interesting and true hurts eyes ow