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  1. L_King

    Help Needed After STR Brake Swap

    Ok so here’s the scenario. I installed my 06 Jaguar S-Type R front and rear brakes plus some Bilstine B4s with H&R lowering springs on my 06 Lincoln LS almost two weeks ago. From the gate I had a few hiccups which I’ll touch on for context. I missed in the very few write ups on this swap that...
  2. L_King

    Lincoln LS Drift Build

    Great Build. Maybe you should make those control arms for some others lol they look good.
  3. L_King

    Shock and Spring Options

    I have a set of bilsteins and H&R lowering sprigs I got from another member with 8k miles on them. I haven’t installed them on my car yet and have been playing with the idea of pulling the trigger in coil overs. Might be willing to sell my setup..
  4. L_King

    For Sale 2006 LS complete part out

    How many miles on the car?
  5. L_King

    LS stainless steel brakes line kit (front & rear)

    Interested. Email me at
  6. L_King

    For Sale LS stainless steel brakes line kit (front & rear)

    Sorry didn't see the reply till now. Email me at I'm interested in buying them still.
  7. L_King

    For Sale 02 lse conversion for sale.

    How much are you asking for the brakes?
  8. L_King

    new wheel/tire recommendations

    A few of us have other brand OEM wheels with adapters. Just a thought. I ran 19s with as much sidewall meat as I could.
  9. L_King

    Lower Control Arms

    I can tell you I have done both. I got a bushing from eBay (passenger side) and they were ok but I had to pay to have them pressed in and I had to wait to have it done. The whole control arm option is easier and faster but neither bushing will hold up that well if you are lowered and running...
  10. L_King

    Mlara1129's C-List Finds

    I would get these if I didn't already have a set of 19s or if I could get a set of winter tires for the cheap haha
  11. L_King

    Now Accepting 2015 LVC Lincoln LS Calendar Entries!!!!

    They will need to be higher res than an instagram photo.
  12. L_King

    Rim... need a new one... or 4...

    What he said! It's all prep. I cleaned and cleaned and wire brushed, sanded and cleaned again. I also primed them.
  13. L_King

    Need a random part

    I am in need of the latch for my console. I need the latch that opens it not the one that allows it to slide. I could use a crappy console lid if someone has one willing to part with it cheap, or just that part. the "ears or rods broke off on mine and now it won't stay closed. e-mail me at...
  14. L_King

    Suspension overhaul

    air conversion? for the rears or all of them?
  15. L_King

    Rim... need a new one... or 4...

    I have the burnt copper on mine: wheel kind of blocks the small brake set-up
  16. L_King

    Mlara1129's C-List Finds

    Gen 2 LSE Volvo wheels:
  17. L_King

    Wrecked the LSE

    Glad you guys ar ok, and good to see you are saving your LS. One of my favorites here.
  18. L_King

    Suspension overhaul

    I want to replace everything with oem, or a step up if I can find it. Only thing for sure aftermarket will be the eibachs. Still have to look in to pricing.
  19. L_King

    Suspension overhaul

    So I'm about to hit 90k and I'm thinking it is time to go through the suspension. I am getting some some pretty audible rattles and occasional pops here and there. Plus being lowered with the wheels doesn't help. My question to you all is does anyone know part numbers for the various...