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  1. KD00LS

    Thinking of doing the unthinkable...

    I'm back from the dead to say, that's one hell of a car. When I first bought my LS that is what I dreamed of doing to it. The wheels, stance, motor, etc.... absolutely perfect. Regardless what you want to do with it, my hats off.
  2. KD00LS


    Damn, it has been some time since I've seen this.
  3. KD00LS

    detailing stuff

    Don't make me take a picture of my cabinet. How you been Pete?
  4. KD00LS

    Sometimes, it pays to help people out.

    That's one hell of a truck. That front setup is mean as hell haha, loving the Christmas scheme. Any flexibility to that rope at all?
  5. KD00LS

    Time to repeal the Second Amendment?

    I'm in favor of a 'before-the-issue' test rather than after a crime. I could probably look at someone for 3 seconds and tell you if they should have a gun.
  6. KD00LS

    Mclaren grill

    ^ That's my old grill, enjoy it!
  7. KD00LS

    Time to repeal the Second Amendment?

    Yes, but even in our rights, such as life and liberty, those can be regulated as well. I'm not sure what you mean by that last sentence. Do you mean to say that only those who have committed crimes should be denied the right to purchase weapons? Maybe it's the way you phrased it but I don't...
  8. KD00LS

    Low Income Americans Wealthier Than You Think

    Just goes to show you that innovation brings up the standard of living for all people. In certain situations the gap between rich and poor may be larger, but we need to actually evaluate whether the entire bracket has moved up, and not just cry shenanigans at the wealthy.
  9. KD00LS

    Time to repeal the Second Amendment?

    You can't screen the people who own illegal firearms, they own them that way for a reason. As far as the people who already own guns, I'm not sure how that would pan over. In light of recent events I think it'd be beneficial to take a psychological exam before getting a firearm permit. I also...
  10. KD00LS

    Time to repeal the Second Amendment?

    There's no point in taking away guns when the streets are already flooded with firearms. While I'm a proponent of stricter and more rigorous screening, repealing the right to purchase guns would be detrimental. That's the problem with a lot of left wing goals, they are just completely...
  11. KD00LS

    Not totaled???? Bs

    Find the most expensive body shop and demand it be sent there.
  12. KD00LS

    Leather Treated w/ Zaino - Pics Inside

    No worries. Sometimes the camera flash can make stuff look completely different, I was just going by the before and after pictures. Just make sure it doesn't get on your clothes, even though I do like that new leather scent. ;) Depending on the condition of your leather beforehand, you may have...
  13. KD00LS

    Leather Treated w/ Zaino - Pics Inside

    Keep buffing, it's not supposed to be that shiny. Zaino is good stuff though.
  14. KD00LS

    Low life people

    We aren't forgetting about R-Bones are we? That was a hell of a ride.
  15. KD00LS

    Giffords had history with Palin, Tea Party

    On another forum someone posted a link to this guy's youtube videos. Text based videos with weird music, talking about a new currency and some mind-control nonsense. Nonsense in the fact that it literally made no sense, no goal or directive, just crazy drivel from a lunatic. Someone like that...
  16. KD00LS

    My new baby

    Honestly, who says something like that to someone? Anyways, I don't think neons would look right under this car, especially with your exterior color. Then again I've never been a fan of them under any car.
  17. KD00LS

    Water damage

    Yikes, that doesn't sound good. When you HAVE TO cross water like that, accelerate a bit and then slow down. This will create a little wave/ripple in the water that you can follow and it lowers the water level where you are by a couple inches. Can't help with the coils through.
  18. KD00LS

    In Christie We Trust

    Good old NJ. On my way to work everyday, I get to see where tax money really goes. Most of the unions in this state are protecting a bunch of lazy slobs. My dad worked for one of the good unions left, where if you slacked off, pack up your s*** and get out. I see the roadwork unions sitting out...
  19. KD00LS

    America's Waiters and Cashiers Are Over-Educated

    In a sense yes. Generally the LSATs change ever so slightly from year to year, so there will be some degree of change but this was absurd to me. I'm not sure if it was mostly anxiety but a few Logic Games, where you need to draw diagrams, offered little to no room. Some people think this was a...
  20. KD00LS

    Headlight Lens Cleaning

    3M kit should be good to go. If you feel like there isn't enough sandpaper, stop at a NAPA and get more wetsanding paper.