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    differences between sport and non sport models.

    air trapped in my motor 00 Lincoln LS how do i bleed air out my 00 ls it is running hot because it has air in it and im really need some good advice on how to get it out can you please help me someone thanks very much
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    2000 Lincoln LS V6 repair manuals online?

    i have a 2000 ls with a v8 the 3.9 will this help me figure out how to bleed the air out of my motor this is the first ls ive ever owned and im almost clueless as to what needs to happen and im very mechanicly knowledgeable with ford motor's and i plum feel stupid working on this car in need...
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    in need of advice on how to bleed air out of motor in a 2000 linclon ls

    talked to a mechanic and he told me that there is a black cap right next to the thermostat housing that u fill with water and then crank car let it run until it reaches normal tempature then shut off open cap and fill with water until air is gone did that and now it not runnning at all making a...
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    hi my name is D.J.

    hi i just bought a 2000 lincoln LS and it has air in the motor because previous owner hit some kind of small animal and it put a small hole in the radiator,long story short the put radiator stop leak in it so i replaced the radiator and there is still air in the motor and it's causing the car...