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  1. whtwhale

    LATEST news on strut rod bushings?

    Thanks for the tip. I just checked that out and the tie rods seem fine. I'm going to dissemble and resemble the rod bushings and see if that changes anything.
  2. whtwhale

    LATEST news on strut rod bushings?

    I'm having an issue under braking where the steering wheel will pull to the right and come back straight after braking. The bushings are less than a year old and the problem only started after changing the bushings. How do you recommend tightening them down? Weight on the wheels?
  3. whtwhale

    Driving a 2018 Ford fiesta with no key ignition Vs a Mark 8 keyed ignition

    Wow, imagine what they'll cost when the car is 20 years old.
  4. whtwhale

    Driving a 2018 Ford fiesta with no key ignition Vs a Mark 8 keyed ignition

    If you think about it having a key to start a car is genius. You put it physically in the car to make it run then remove it when your done driving. I don't get the benefit of a push button.
  5. whtwhale

    18,000 miles mark for sale

    Yeah me too I just randomly stumbled on them at my lowest point with those darn bushings. The stainless steel bushings are a must if you plan on keeping the car.
  6. whtwhale

    18,000 miles mark for sale

    This kit includes the steel sleeves that you will need. The stock ones are most likely ruined. Thunderbird Cougar Mark VIII Front Strut Rod Stainless Sleeves OEM Bushings Kit These are for the strut rod where it contacts the lower control arm. Thunderbird SC Cougar Mark VIII Front Strut Rod...
  7. whtwhale

    18,000 miles mark for sale

    Just remember to use the correct bushings for the strut rod and overall good bushings throughout. I got burned by a shop first time round that used a mix of moog and whatever else was lying around the shop. I ended up doing it myself. Live and learn.
  8. whtwhale

    Gen 2 Drivers Powers Seat Controls Cover

    This would be incredible. If I had an intact one you could have it! Next time I see one at the junkyard I'll grab it.
  9. whtwhale

    Fix air suspension or install coils

    I have used coil overs before on other cars and the ride is less pleasant as more road feel is transmitted to the chassis. Although, handling is improved. My recommendation for great ride quality is the strut masters kit. They ran a sale not long ago and it was $500 out the door shipped for...
  10. whtwhale

    Manual Transmission Swap

    Looks great, can't wait to swap mine!
  11. whtwhale

    Solid Blend Air Actuator Fix

    Hey no shame in it, this is what I did on mine. 2 years and heat still going strong.
  12. whtwhale

    Advanced heat problem!

    I had a clogged heater core years ago that had similar symptoms, a real pain in the rear. I "flushed" it with the hose on real low pressure and got some gunk out but it was only once i let that heater core have it did the garbage really start flowing. I got heat then a year later had to replace...
  13. whtwhale

    1st 10 second stock bottom end Mark VIII

    Absolutely incredible, congratulations!
  14. whtwhale

    For Sale 97-98 Headlights, B Heads, Cobra Valve Covers, 01 Cobra Intake and 93 Drive Shaft

    The headlights are off of my 97 and include the black trim bezels that go beneath the lights. The lights also include the adapters for 9006 lights. Headlights are in decent shape, not show quality but not a project just a decent set of working headlights. $200 for both lights including both...
  15. whtwhale

    Blend Door Actuator Tip

    Mine is busted but a little zip tie magic keeps it working. I have no intention of fixing it judging from the pain it looks to change. If anyone is located near southeastern Pennsylvania who knows how to do it I'll pay!
  16. whtwhale

    Customer reviews, Arnott or Strutmasters

    If you need to rely on it as your daily I would go with the strutmaster springs in a heartbeat. I did and the ride is nice and its great piece of mind. Later down the road when I turn this into a project car I would like to go with a full aftermarket air setup.
  17. whtwhale

    $3,000 difference is it worth it

    If I had to do it all over again I would buy a car from a member who has done all the work and just pay what they asked. While looking for my car I saw a handful "creampuff" cars with low mileage and very minor cosmetic issues, some even cheap (sub $5K). However, at this age ALL of them need...
  18. whtwhale

    Sold Mark VIII Wheels and Good Tires $300

    I have a set of base 97 wheels with Cooper GLS Touring tires. Tires have approximately 10,000 miles on them. Wheels are straight, some minor curb rash.
  19. whtwhale

    $3,000 difference is it worth it

    $6k and 9K sure sounds steep and for that sort of money you could have an excellent/needs nothing example. I would pass on these. For reference I bought my 97 Base 52K miles 2 years ago private sale for $3K and it needed another $2K in work now its in great shape.
  20. whtwhale

    LED High Beams 9005 install in 2nd Gen

    I have these adapters and I didn't know you couldn't use an LED in them thanks for the info! I would most definitely be interested in adapters to use LED in low beams as well, I really like the light the LED's put out in conjunction with their instant on capability.