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    Car Will Not Stop Overheating..

    Sell it, if you have to take it to a technician for repairs, you will soon go broke.
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    top 10 worst used cars

    doesn`t surprise with the cost of parts
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    2001 LS 3.0 motor shut off at speed on highway

    Check eng come on for the air pump after I installed the battery. I didn`t see the P1000 code
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    2001 LS 3.0 motor shut off at speed on highway

    Replaced my battery last year, didn`t get a P1000 code.
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    What would cause a crack like this?

    It`s a shame, but thats what you get with plastic in cold weather, unless you live in tropical weather, there`s basically no give. Your lucky it wasn`t the rear.
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    Another Off-Topic, '06 Fusion.

    Expensive battery. All auto parts will load test battery for free. That would have been my first check
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    What make/model did someone mistake your LS for?

    Most people tell me they look like an olds from the rear end. Got to admit they are not the sportiest looking from the back,. The rear bumper looks too big for the size of car, I wish they had a smaller bumper and smaller tail lights
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    Official LS video clip thread!

    Great special effects. I blew back window out of my 73 cordoba with 1000 watt system Hahahahaha
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    Official LS video clip thread!

    Is that all its got. My silveraldo will burn out better than that
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    Still learning my LS

    The tires need to be rotated more often than 20,000 miles. You didn`t say if they are original tires or not. If they are original than they are worn out.
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    checking transmission fluid on my driveway

    Why not use the built in level near the headlights.
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    Hello New Here!!

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    serpentine belt slipped off

    Man these parts are a killer and the problem is not even the dealers want to stock them. I waited 5 days for a part last summer.
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    AAA extended warranty

    Extended warranties are a waste of money. They won`t cover normal wear items either. There is usually a fee for each repair. Read fine print. Not sure what you paid for car, but 2006 here are going for around $5,000 - 6000
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    coil packs

    Thats a hell of good warranty
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    coil packs

    Wow, never heard of 100,000 mile warranty or 8 years. You must have paid a premium for that.
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    Replace reverse lamp bulbs

    Access inside under carpet
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    Replace reverse lamp bulbs

    Buy the tool, it looks like a pry fork on a screw driver handle. They are fairly cheap. walmart may even sell them. You will end up breaking clips without it. I think I payed $5.00 for it. You can use it on most vehicles.
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    Degas bottle I think

    This same thing seems to be dicussed every week on this forum. I `am not sure why you can`t search. Everything is right here what you need to do.
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    Driving With No Thermostat

    If you start car and have the AC turned off, let the car idle for a minute, open hood and listen and/or look at cooling fan. Either have someone or yourself turn on the AC. You should hear and/or see the cooling fan increase in speed. You can also use OBD11 tester if you have one like I...