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    Air Suspension Mistery

    Good to hear, enjoy your mark viii !
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    Air Suspension Mistery

    I will definetly be following this thread as I have a low mileage (32k) 1997. Don't give up , one suggestion would to make sure the bag solenoids are not leaking by disconnecting the air line at the solenoid and connecting a length of tubing into the solenoid and putting the other end into a jar...
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    Air ride help 1997 Mark VIII

    My car has always had the driver's side rear at least 3/4" lower than the passenger side rear. I tried adjusting the rear ride height sensor down all the way but it didn't make any difference. I replaced the solenoid valve on the drivers rear bag but that didn't change anything. I replaced the...
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    Anyone add auxiliary input to stock radio?

    I added a small fm transmitter that plugs into the cigarette lighter. It gives me 2 usb ports and a line in for plugging in a aux audio device. I use the memory card slot to play music. Amazon an flea bay have plenty of them.
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    Ford Rotunda Super Star II Manual Wanted

    Thanks, I have the air suspension instructions but would like to have a manual . I posted a link to a ebay auction in another thread. Hopefully someone from this forum will buy it and provide a copy. Here's the link:FORD ROTUNDA 007-00028 SUPER STAR II FOR FORD VEHICLES MECS/4EAT ADAPTERS INCLUD...
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    Thread watched Ford Rotunda Super Star II on ebay

    For sale on ebay, accepting offers. If someone here buys it would appreciate copy of the manual.FORD ROTUNDA 007-00028 SUPER STAR II FOR FORD VEHICLES MECS/4EAT ADAPTERS INCLUD | eBay
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    Ford Rotunda Super Star II Manual Wanted

    Anyone have a Ford Rotunda Super Star II manual or a link to one? Bought a Ford Rotunda Super Star II but did not come with manual. Thanks!
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    Survey what oil do you run?

    That's what I'm using,10w-30 yearly change about 3-4k miles.
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    oil life %

    I think it may count down based on time also.My car sits from November until April and the percentage remaining goes down.Put it away at 100% and in April it's at around 20%.Car is not started during storage.
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    Cleaning out garage Lincoln LS factory shop manuals for sale

    I need a Mark VIII shop manual.
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    Gen 2 Blend Door Actuator

    Thanks, I found your post and got as far as taking off the headlight switch knob and small panel.The dash trim came loose on the left side but the part that goes around the a/c vents wouldn't budge.I was afraid to break the panel so may try again later.Thanks for the info,right now I'm moving...
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    Gen 2 Blend Door Actuator

    So i tried the self test and got a code 155.The gray will move up on it's own when lowering the temp setting but will not move down when raising the temp setting.
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    Hi from N.E. Ohio

    I'm in Conneaut,right up route 7 from you.Someone suggested pulling the radio to get at the blend door actuator but didn't know if that would work.I moved the gray arm by opening the glove box and pulling the arm down.Got plenty of heat so I may procrastinate fixing it. I want to drive it a...
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    Hi from N.E. Ohio

    Just a quick intro from Ohio. Bought a 1997 Mark 8 1 owner with 24000 miles last Saturday. Pewter gray,looks green sometimes.Everything works except cd changer in trunk and the blend door actuator. Just replaced the original tires and looking forward to driving this car. It will be in storage...