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  1. Spidar6996

    Watch this guy!!

    Well you me be a redneck if you are that guy. How Dumb can you be? Sucks for him but no one did it to him but himself.
  2. Spidar6996


    Congrats!!! :Beer Have a few beers!!
  3. Spidar6996

    Public Service Announcement

    Wow that sucks but I have done that with beofre with another program which is no longer around. So I feel your pain.
  4. Spidar6996

    New software from Microsoft

    LOL :Beer
  5. Spidar6996

    Other hobbies?

    My thoughts exactly!!! Anyhow I build RC Boats in my spare time what little time that is. I also like to street race when I get the time and can afford to put the money in the car for the parts that break. LOL :)
  6. Spidar6996


    You seem to know your stuff. I agree with a few grand in mods you can do the same thing for a lot less money. :)
  7. Spidar6996

    Some more Acronyms!

    Joe is jelous he wishes he was that skinny. :) Hello Joe I'm Back!!! :ban
  8. Spidar6996

    Guess what!

    Glad to here you are ok. Both my parents have very high blood presure. It can certainly be a scary issue to have to deal with. Like I said it is good to see you are ok. Welcome back!
  9. Spidar6996

    Hello Everyone

    :W That is all I can say. Grab a beer and look around :Beer
  10. Spidar6996

    Hello All

    :W Grab a beer and put up some posts!! :Beer :)
  11. Spidar6996

    70 Mustang Convertible with all the goodies

    That is a very sharp car!!! WOW My mouth dropped!!!:)
  12. Spidar6996


    :W Nice to see new people joining all the time. :)
  13. Spidar6996

    The 57' Chevy is going!

    So what are you getting now?
  14. Spidar6996

    while driving down the freeway

    Can't say you see this everyday!
  15. Spidar6996

    Monday Morning Funnies

    These are great!!!:)
  16. Spidar6996

    Ralph the rooster

    You are the only person I can see putting a post like this up. LOL :N
  17. Spidar6996

    Pulled over by a cop

    LOL Nice one!!!
  18. Spidar6996

    Now I've done it...

    Nice job for your first time out. Just wait though the wallet will become empty fast as you end up going back again and again. :)
  19. Spidar6996


    :W Grad a beer pull up an chair and post away. :Beer :Beer :)
  20. Spidar6996