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    More people going to Springs over Air?

    AIR Bags are still the wind beneath my cheeks and always will be!! :dancefool
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    WTB 16" drag tires

    If Kirk isn't interested in them I would be! Mark
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    NEED HELP Tacoma WA Area

    Roger I'm sorry to hear about your son rolling his car. Cars are just things and can be replaced with money, work and time. Children cannot be, thank god he is OK. Thanks for bring me the Octostars in Rochester!! Mark :cool:
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    Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords Coyote Swap

    Correct me if wrong but when you can buy a new 412hp 302 for about $6500, why would you pay $5700 for a used one with 17K? I would buy new!
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    Gear question

    If you just need the gears. you're good to go. IF it is the whole rear end you would have to change the spider gears (side gears) to 28 spline or a different positraction. Mark
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    Rebuilding my rear differential

    Did you notice what RPM you had at 145? :shifty: Mark
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    F/S Lincoln Mark VIII Differential 4.30 gears $200

    I would like to meet up as well. I hope it goes well for your wife.:) Im in Andover, but Rochester isn't that far to meet up with some mark VIII people. keep us informed. Mark
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    WTB 1 or 2 P225/ 60R16 tires

    Want to buy 1P225/ 60R16 97T tire for my Mark. Had 1 destroy itself today. :mad:They are Goodyear assurance directional's. Looking for same or two different matched set. I am going to buy Octostars in the spring and new tires, so I want to get by. Oh, Im in the Mpls area so just guys local...
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    Great times Frank!!! Here is a good estimate of the horsepower at the flywheel. This is from Mark
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    New Minn Member just bought 1st Mark VIII

    I think its the Cordovan Metallic color. Mark
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    New Minn Member just bought 1st Mark VIII

    Why a 96' or newer I wanted the OBD II system. alot easier to check things out. Mark
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    New Minn Member just bought 1st Mark VIII

    Hi all, I have been looking all over the country for a Mark VIII. It didn't matter if I got just the LSC, only that it be 96' or newer. I was lucky enough to find one in cedar rapids Iowa. It is a 1998 Mark VIII LSC red Collector's Edition.:cool: It is a 1 owner and is in great condition (no...
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    98 lsc for sale

    Your 98' Mark 8 for sale Is your car still for sale? I have sent you two PM and got no answer.:confused: Mark