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    2006 LS – Strange No start and other electrical issues

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    2006 LS – Strange No start and other electrical issues

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    2006 LS – Strange No start and other electrical issues

    Mine is also an LS 2005 with V8 3.9 and when I got my inspection done this year it popped up with ignition switch and related module recall. I had to change out that switch when I first got the car 2 years ago. I'm just trying to help I'm sorry if you don't agree have a good day
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    2006 LS – Strange No start and other electrical issues

    Known issues with the ignition module it was recalled on 2004 through 2006. Before you can diagnose anything you must change that out first hope that helps
  5. 2005 lincoln LS

    2005 lincoln LS

    Have you ever tried to get the two breather clips for the cover on the intake yet? All you see now is a perfect looking engine with this enormous plastic shroud over the throttle body with two threaded male ends sticking out to align it. A location was found recently for that part number and it...
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    06 lincoln ls overheating

    easy the plastic container mounted on the firewall to capture evaporated or over filled coolant most likely is broken or its hose needs to be change. New container $39.00 hoses come with it and make sure the cap is still seable do not switch out pressure cap. If you need instructions on how to...
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    2005 lincoln ls

    Look no dealer can change your entry code because it requires a module change. On all Factory entry modules for drivers door keyless pad, It 5 digit code is on the module it self. Locate it or the original card from owners manual its there as well . Scanning the system from a Module Scanner will...