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  1. vr4

    another mark in the junkyard

    Made a trip looking for certain things and saw a mark. Always check the marks since im still looking for a w3z2. Pulled it down. W3z3. Damn. So I'm looking over the car. Painted calipers. No big deal. Lincoln motorsport sticker in back window. now I'm intrigued. Crawl under. 2.5" duals with...
  2. vr4

    i love pick n pull junkyards

    especially when they have a 50% off everything day:D 93 engine assy with a near perfect oil pan (no rust. just a couple slight dents from when they put the car on the stands.) took just over 2 hours to pull out the top on my back with only hand tools. much easier than i expected. alternator...
  3. vr4

    i got shafted

    got my hands on the 93 driveshaft from the u pull it today. 20 minutes and 25 bucks later and im walking out with a nice clean one piece shaft. gonna put it on my car and see if i notice any difference. with the 3.55s i got a bit of vibes right around 100. nothing bad but its there. theyre...
  4. vr4

    93 ecu and its agressive tune

    found a 93 at the local pick and pull the other day so i grabbed the ecu out of it. time to find out once and for all if theres any measurable difference between it and my 95 LSC tune.
  5. vr4

    back from the track. another new best

    got 13 runs in tonight. track was glass but air was nice and cold. anyways... 60'....2.312 1/8...9.364 mph..78.85 1/4...14.355 mph..98.23 i had 7 others in 14.4x range with 2 at 14.41 i was just hoping for another 2.19 60' but it wasnt gonna happen with these temps and no VHT to...
  6. vr4

    yay! alternator

    on my way to work the heater shut off and the battery light started flickering. i guess the cold weather took it out. ill test it but im 99% sure its failed. fkn 37k mile POS:mad:
  7. vr4

    exhaust systems?

    nobody sells an exhaust online? all ive found are mufflers. what does it typically cost to have a 2.5" mandrel bent dual exhaust made for you guys?
  8. vr4

    140k mile 96 base

    came into the shop the other day. nobody wanted to tackle the oil filter adapter gasket so i took it. flat rate 3 hours took about 45 minutes. never done 1 before. learned some tricks. itll be much easier next time. LOL. car looked decent but was in bad shape. front bags leaking. diff...
  9. vr4

    mark sighting in video

    walking back thru the parking after the run theres a white 1st gen sitting there.....anyone here?
  10. vr4

    went to the track again

    got 18 runs in 2 hours on streetcar night at portland was dead. new best 60' and new best ET. trap was down 3mph from my runs in hawaii though. wierd considering it was 30* cooler here i ended up running 13 14.7xx ETs at 94-95 mph. best 60' is now a 2.182 that netted...
  11. vr4

    departing on an 1800 mile road trip

    in 5 hours. gonna head down to sacramento tomorrow morning. spend a couple days down there. work on a friends car. put 2k miles on my mark in 4 days. fun fun. vancouver, wa to sac, ca non-stop. yay for long drives. gonna stock up on red bull in the morning
  12. vr4

    WTB 93+ mark viii diff housing

    just checking my options at the momet. i wont be able to get 1 for a week or 2. any ideas on availability or pricing? with or without gears dont matter. im no longer in hawaii so shipping shouldnt be too bad for me now.
  13. vr4

    yes i should search. rim??

    i know....i just dont have the time right now an my mark hasnt been shipped out from hawaii yet. will a 17x10.5 or at least a 17x9 fit under the back? can i squeeze 17x9s up front? thinking of running 03 cobra wheels. (painted. not chrome)
  14. vr4

    2nd gen mark wrecked in portland

    yes....i now live in the northwest. just a couple days ago someone in a 2nd gen white mark8 apparantly lost control and took out a jogger. the guy didnt make it. died the next day. right door and fender very badly damaged. sad to hear.
  15. vr4

    will the 95 ECU auto-correct?

    will it auto correct for fuel changes? if i wanted to put a fuel computer in will it try to change back to stock?
  16. vr4

    4.10s 1/4 mile

    ok...i dont have times yet. im putting the gears and trac-lok in this week. whats the usual gain? about a second in the 1/4? if i can find 1 in time ill be doing a chip at the same time.
  17. vr4

    its game time.....

    yes i will be trying to use the B heads with a custom lower intake/heat exchanger.
  18. vr4

    the reason i havent been on for a little while.

    its pretty simple actually. i do still have the mark though.
  19. vr4

    cobra R water pump

    ive been looking for the part # and all ive found is YR3Z-8501-AB in the computer this is called the "tall housing" but it comes up when searched under 99 cobra. will this fit the mark pulley alignment wise? the marks pump come sup as YW7Z-8501-aa
  20. vr4

    jmod 1/4 times.

    got to the track again. this time it wasnt that great. the air temp was 98 and i never really got a chance to let the car cool down. the jmod did help. with the temps being this high i could tell the car was laying down. time was a 14.666@97 with a 2.37 60' this was after 20...