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    For Sale Corsa Mufflers. Will weld right in to place. $350

    Corsa Xtreme mufflers. 2k miles on them. They're already piped from the muffler to the tip, so they just need to be welded in at the back. Shouldn't cost more than $50, or free if you can do it yourself. Nothing wrong with them, just a little loud for my taste. They're pretty much silent on the...
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    For Sale Corsa Xtreme Mufflers. 2k miles $399 They're fine. Just louder than expected.
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    For Sale *REDUCED* Pair NEW BBK Varitune tunable mufflers. 200 shipped!! Through Monday!

    Here's a link to how the original set sounded on my car. The new ones are coming straight from BBK and come with their one year warranty.
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    For Sale *REDUCED* Pair NEW BBK Varitune tunable mufflers. 200 shipped!! Through Monday!

    Just like it says. TWO Brand new unopened BBK varitune Stainless steel 2.5" adjustable mufflers. Need them gone by Monday before I get back to college. Paid 300 for them but decided to do something else instead. Take advantage of an awesome deal here. Selling cheap because I have nowhere to keep...
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    For Sale SCT chip by SCP. 250 OBO

    Just like it says. I have a SCT 6600 eliminator flip chip tuned by David Dalke at Supercoupe Performance. Comes with selector toggle and wire also. Tuned for a 1995 Mark viii, but should work with any 93-95 OBD1 computer. Shift schedule was for JMOD, but felt nice in a non-jmodded car also. Two...
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    For Sale SCT Chips (yes 2) !! DZA1

    I need to sell one of my chips. I only want one of them to wipe it for a new dyno tune, so the other needs to go. Take your pick, chip 1 has a blue oval chips tune as well as a dyno tune that gained almost 30whp on a stock motor. Chip 2 has two tunes from David Dalke at SuperCoupePerformance...
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    For Sale parting out 98 mark 8 base(lots of performance parts)

    Details on the SCP cold air kit? Is it the mass air meter? if so, what injector size are the sampling tubes for? Pics? Thanks!!
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    Random stalling rough idle

    If your wires are bad, Dorman makes a replacement harness that splices right into the wire. It was like $10 at Oreilly's, I think.
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    Random stalling rough idle

    I was just sharing my issue, not saying that's for sure what is wrong with your car. My wires were hardly connecting and it caused my issues. And a cam sensor will shut off your car if the connection is interrupted. A cam sensor either works or doesn't, so changing it for a boost in performance...
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    Random stalling rough idle

    Check your cam sensor harness (the one behind the power steering tank). My wires were torn at the connector and I had the exact same issues you're having. I chased it forever.. I'll find a pic of where mine were torn.
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    For Sale Some Mark Parts Driveshaft, emblem, antenna.

    I also have a drivers side Gen 1 halogen housing. Lens is clear, chrome seems to be fair. Haven't used it, just pulled off a 93. $50 shipped OBO
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    For Sale 93-96 Lincoln Mark VIII HID Headlight Housings

    That's a really fair price. Wish I had the cash. Someone better jump on these quick!!
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    For Sale Some Mark Parts Driveshaft, emblem, antenna.

    Just some extra parts i have hoarded. Two power working antennas ($40 each shipped OBO), a "Lincoln" trunk badge with good chrome ($10 shipped) , and a driveshaft out of a 95 with good u-joints and yoke (make me an offer).
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    For Sale 93 One-Piece shaft. $150 OBO

    I have a 93 shaft for sale. U-Joints are still tight and were just replaced 7k miles ago. Nothing wrong with it, just found a good deal on a Dynotech. Price is shipped. I would entertain a good offer. Need it gone asap