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  1. 2004LincolnLSV8

    For Sale ***2004 LINCOLN LS V8 (Sport)*** ***$4700 OBO*** Illinois 2004 Lincoln LS (V8 Sport) -111,XXX Miles -Black Leather Interior/Wood Grain -Heated/Cooled Seats -Sunroof -AM/FM Radio with 6 Disc CD Changer -Infinity Kappa Speakers in all Doors -Custom SS Magnaflow Exhaust (very subtle tone) -KKM air...
  2. 2004LincolnLSV8

    Lincoln LS A Pillar Gauge Pod

    gauge pod sold
  3. 2004LincolnLSV8

    Official LS video clip thread! Small Burnout...not sure how to make playable in thread. Another...
  4. 2004LincolnLSV8

    A PILLAR GAUGE INSTALL opinions!?!?!

    I use an Aeroforce interceptor scan gauge that I have installed in my cup holder and I really like it. It reads tons of sensors plus has other neat features. Plugs right into the obdII plug. Check them out they are awesome. It is something I would buy for any car due to the fact it reads almost...
  5. 2004LincolnLSV8

    RotorPros Brake Package Special GB...

    Anyone know if they will sell just a set of F/R SS brake lines??? I tried calling but no one answers. Thanks!!
  6. 2004LincolnLSV8


    As far as tire wear is this something that will destroy my tires after a day of the PDX? I recently got new tires and dont want to use them up in one day lol.
  7. 2004LincolnLSV8


    Thanks Kumba!!! I really wanna try it but do not want to destroy my LS in the process lol. Seems too fun to pass up.
  8. 2004LincolnLSV8


    Anyone ever take their LS to the track for a PDX? I am thinking about trying out a PDX in May at the Autobahn CC in Joliet.
  9. 2004LincolnLSV8

    visteon coils

    Should there be an issue with using one Visteon and the rest being motorcraft/oem? I have a bad coil in cylinder 4 but most the others have already been replaced.
  10. 2004LincolnLSV8

    Fail-safe and Codes

    Went to the dealer earlier this week and they found no issues with the COPs and said that the CEL is from a failing throttle body (P2110 P2107). Since then I have been not going WOT so have not had any there another way to check if my throttle body is bad and not maybe some wiring or...
  11. 2004LincolnLSV8

    Fail-safe and Codes

    yea my fault it was a mistype only 5 have been changed...I did make an appointment with the dealer Monday morning so hopefully they just swap out a COP or two under warranty...thanks for all the replies! :D
  12. 2004LincolnLSV8

    Fail-safe and Codes

    Only five have been replaced....1,2,3,6,7
  13. 2004LincolnLSV8

    Fail-safe and Codes

    How did you determine that it is maybe #4?
  14. 2004LincolnLSV8

    Fail-safe and Codes

    I have 5 out of the 8 coils replaced under warranty already which I thought was the issue too...could the COP go bad without any misfiring though??? My previous 5 COPs that went bad all made my car misfire but without ever going into Fail-safe. I have not had #4,5, or 8 replaced yet according...
  15. 2004LincolnLSV8

    Fail-safe and Codes

    So last weekend I was messing around with the LS and used a flexible intake tube to make a ram air style intake. (note...I have had an aftermarket air filter for a long time the only addition was the intake tube). After installation when I would drive for about 20 min the Engine Fail-safe would...
  16. 2004LincolnLSV8

    Black loaded 06 parting out.

    PM sent
  17. 2004LincolnLSV8

    2004 ls

    I have a bezel for sale from a Navigator already dremeled out (I had an Avic-2) so the double din looks stock.
  18. 2004LincolnLSV8

    New wheels on my LS! (Well Sorta)

    Thanks!!!!!! I have been looking everywhere for a cheap center cap replacement....All mine got stolen. :D