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  1. JoshMcMadMac

    E on dash. Transmission stuck in a high gear

    I actually cut a ratcheting combination wrench down to be able to get the transmission connector on and off a little easier. It's still a challenge, but a lot quicker than fighting with a ¼" ratchet. These transmissions are notorious for several fatal weakness and I will disagree that 157k is...
  2. JoshMcMadMac

    Rebuilt or New Transmission

    I have a torque converter alignment tool that is new in the box, I'll make you a good deal on it if you need it. Email me at jmcalister AT gmail DOT com if you are interested.
  3. JoshMcMadMac

    Rebuilt or New Transmission

    I'll disagree and say find a company that specializes in remanufacturing the 5R55 to address the weaknesses. Rockauto used to have them, but the last time I checked that was no longer the case. Most local shops, even the ones that claim to be 5R55 specialists, are going to leave something to be...
  4. JoshMcMadMac

    LS stuff in Gulfport MS

    Wow, are you officially out of the LS game Joe? You've been the ultimate resource here since the beginning!
  5. JoshMcMadMac

    Best selling venue in 2021

    Facebook marketplace. I've sold two cars on there in the last year, both in a day. The used car market is hot right now so you should be able to start at the higher side of pricing and still sell quickly. Just be prepared for the typical nonsense, like getting low offers without any dialog. I...
  6. JoshMcMadMac

    Should I be worried about a rebuild of the transmission soon?

    I got a remanufactured 5R55 about half a dozen years ago from Home - The Transmission Authority through RockAuto. They don't just rebuild the transmission with the same weaknesses, they address them all so that it is stronger and more reliable than stock. It was by far the most cost effective...
  7. JoshMcMadMac

    Transmission. Q and A

    You can get a quality remanufactured transmission ready to bolt up and install for ~$1600. Is it worth twice that amount to have a shop do it questionably?
  8. JoshMcMadMac

    Best of.....Lincoln LS Enthusiasts (Pictures)

    I am on the same page. This stuff is why I am quickly drifting away from both sites. Why is this any better than the bashing that is done on Facebook? Schmidt, you really should investigate a productive hobby...I mean that honestly.
  9. JoshMcMadMac

    For Sale For sale-2005 Lincoln LS V8 ultimate 25k miles/showroom new!!!

    Where in PA? What options does it have?
  10. JoshMcMadMac

    Paint Booster Upgrades?

    1) "Pussy wet..." is a moronic expression that needs to go away. 2) That LS Facebook group is becoming inundated with mooks that use phrases like "pussy wet." There is a guy on there right now selling an intake and used that to describe the condition of the filter. :rolleyes: 3) You can get...
  11. JoshMcMadMac

    1990-1992 Lincoln Mark VII LSC SE
  12. JoshMcMadMac

    2004 LS V8 Transmission rebuild pricing? Possible shift kit?

    Get a remanufactured one from RockAuto for ~$1600. It comes complete, including the torque converter and adapter plate. Cheaper than any rebuilder I have come across and comes with a great warranty.
  13. JoshMcMadMac

    For Sale 18" OZ Ultraleggeras, Lincoln LS or Mark VIII

    Sold on Craigslist within a day of posting them there. :cool:
  14. JoshMcMadMac

    1991 Lincoln Mark VII intake pipe

    This is the wrong place for Mark VII help. Check or for more feedback. To answer your question, use an intake from a speed-density Mustang.
  15. JoshMcMadMac

    Anyone know what 15" wheels will fit the LS?

    Oh, I was not addressing Chris...good point. I should have quoted the OP. Thanks, Frank.
  16. JoshMcMadMac

    Anyone know what 15" wheels will fit the LS?

    I know you are talking about the rears, but just in case you are considering all four corners...the front calipers barely clear stock 16" wheels.
  17. JoshMcMadMac

    Mark VII w/ front coilovers and rear aqdjustable coil springs *HELP*

    I will send a message to Kat. Here is the contact link, from the bottom of the "Forum" page:
  18. JoshMcMadMac

    Mark VII w/ front coilovers and rear aqdjustable coil springs *HELP*

    What sort of email are you using? I can shoot a message to the admin over there if you let me know the details.