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    DCCV linked to overheating?

    Check to make sure your airbag light comes on and goes off when mines did the beeps on start up it was the airbag bulb in the instrument cluster that had blown out
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    I need two or one of these plastic nuts

    You can order them off Amazon including the push pin type
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    Water leak in trunk

    Leaving the drain plug out has worked many years for me how it makes a difference I don’t know, all I know is plug out trunk bone dry, plug in trunk a swimming pool. it might and it might not work for you but it work for me for some odd reason.
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    Heater Pipe to DCC Valve Hoses Are They High Pressure?

    They aftermarket hoses will work, if you trying to keep it in its original state and form your best bet would be to call around and see if you can get them from a junk yard.
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    Burnt coils?

    Right I’m nearing 290 thousand some things you can get by with going cheap but them coils is definitely not it lol
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    LS sport Gen 2 front struts to thunderbird?

    Am I understanding this correctly the 2002 ford thunder bird, shocks are a direct replacement, mean the quick shocks a be direct bolt in for the Lincoln ls? and the only draw back is a softer suspension? if this is correct then unless you want to maintain the stiff sportier feel it’ll be best...
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    Monroe quick strut part number

    Ok thank you.
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    Rear Speaker replacement

    When I pulled mines out 2002 lincoln ls sport the bolsters have to be removed if not you will mess things up trust me I know, now the holes are empty and I have a single 12, cause yup you guessed it the replacement speakers tore up too.
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    Monroe quick strut part number

    like the title say I’m looking to find the quick strut part number for 2002 ls sport, most threads never give part numbers, I don’t care about softness or ride difference, just a part number for front and rear. Thanks in advance.
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    Goodbye my lincoln

    Joegr a lot of people don’t know that the XF is the ls.
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    Gas tank cover release button doesn't work

    Do have anything in the area of the trunk, where the gas cover release is located? I have had this happen a few times my tool box sit in that corner and for some reason If that pull handle is hung up by something it will Not allow the door to open.
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    Do I need a new suspension?

    I checked mines with the wheels off the ground, then I jacked up the control arm to take the spring tension off.
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    Need a quick water pump answer please

    With all the trouble you will go through to swap out the gasket you might as well change the pump, or else you will back in there to replace the pump.
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    Do I need a new suspension?

    Glad to see it all worked out for you. I still have my old front spindles, and rear lower control arms, when I get the time I'm planing on pressing new balljoints in the spindles that way I always have one ready to go if the ones on the car goes bad. Just swap them out Buy the balljoints rent...
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    Do I need a new suspension?

    Tasca or rockauto is where I purchased my front spindles from, just make sure your getting the right ones, cause they have a 16mm and a 14mm Balljoint stud. The replaceing them is easy, the only problem that I ran into was my driver side hub was stuck to the spindle I was able to get it out...
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    My full-on heating problem (Advice needed)

    When I mention the bleed machine, I mention that as to say if you wanted a quick way of doing then the machine bleed is the way to go. But if your doing it manuelly you have to follow the producers to the T. Meaning no corner cutting.
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    My full-on heating problem (Advice needed)

    Don't be so quick to close this thread out I want to come back and read "I told you so" threads when you come back and say it overheated two months later. Cause you didn't do the proper steps. Did you know that it is required to use the coolant bleed machine to get the air out. But you can...
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    Has anybody noticed....

    Those my over heating is different, it only happens when I'm putting gas in the car on a slight incline. With the engine off
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    Has anybody noticed....