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    Torque Converter Inspection Plate Bolt Size

    Replaced my transmission a while back and lost the plate. Finally came across one but I don't recall what the thread pitch/bolt length is supposed to be. I do recall it being a 13mm head. Anyone know off hand or can check? About to go on a long road trip through some dusty trails and...
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    How to handle the Mark being "totaled" ?

    Any interest in selling the rims if you decide to total it out?
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    Went from strut masters spring setup to vogtland 1.6" drop springs and not happy!

    Always do the safety stuff before looks. Fix the rear shocks.
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    preferred strut rod bushing

    I've had the Moog arm side bushings on for ~1.5 years now. No cracks in them and they 'feel' OK.
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    [Q] Instrument Cluster Needles (Cross Compatible)

    Debris blocking the needle/motor from turning? Bad motor?
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    Unidentified wire and car won't start unless it is touching the battery!

    Looks like there was an aftermarket security system installed in that car at one point. That blue wire I would imagine is aftermarket and ran from the location in your picture to the 'brain' of the 3rd party security system, likely to disable starting the car until the system was disarmed. PS -...
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    HVAC blower motor only blows on high, even in the off position. Replaced.....

    I would try swapping EATC at this point as it seems you've done all other things I would suggest trying first. Very strange it does not blow at all with a new control module, maybe all of the ones you've tried (including the 'new' one) are duds?
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    Car just keyed passenger side almost the whole length!!

    Your entire post screams your ex-GF did it. (You even admitted she has done it in the past...) Once a keyer, always a keyer. Real loser thing to do.
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    control arm preferred supplier these days?

    The thunderbird ones don't have the height sensor mount-balls on them. Don't buy them if you're still on air unless you want to deal with attaching that to the replacements.
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    3D Printing Obsolete Automotive Replacement Parts

    $75? He must think you're a sucker.
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    What does an average rear-end rebuild/install cost?

    I paid something like $250 in labor to have a brand new 28 spline torsen unit & brand new ring & pinion installed into my case. I supplied the master rebuild kit & IRS specific seals.
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    FS: 2004 Lincoln Mark X

    Looks like a slightly less ugly Thunderbird of the era. Yuck.
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    speedometer gear question Simple to determine what you need by looking at this chart.
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    blend air door metal arm

    Any chance of making these in bulk & selling them?
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    radio question.

    Yr not the first person I've heard had a bad experience there.
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    Quick fuel filter question.

    I didn't use the tool on my Gen 2 when I replaced mine.
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    overheating issue

    Everything so far says bad head-gasket. Run the hydrocarbon test and put this issue to rest.
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    Fuel pump, FPR or something else?

    Pump will run at key on regardless of the CKP. It sounds to me like it's time to drop your gas tank.
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    how to remove trim piece around ignition switch

    You can drill it out fairly easily with a hole saw bit.
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    how to remove trim piece around ignition switch

    I didn't need to remove any screws when I changed my ignition cylinder. Turn key to on, depress the detent (which IS a PITA to find) and slide the cylinder out. The bezel pops right out then.