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    Bodykit Installation? Pricey?

    so i just bought a wings west kit from i have zero complaints. well except that christmas season has taken it forever to get here. however what i wanted to let u know was that the body shop i use read all about the kit from stuff i printed online. the...
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    double din radio?

    so i found the dream stereo for the ls an ecplise AVN2454 radio/nav/dvd player that is double din. now could that big ol radio be safely squeezed into a 02 ls with the alpine system (factory) with out modification mayo
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    after market radios

    all right i got the harness for connecting new radio to car wiring. it sthe additional controls im completly lost on. for instance where do i wire the new radio to the steering controls?
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    after market radios

    quick question to add. if i have the alpine system from the factory...can i just upgrade to a better alpine unit and keep all the functions as the factory radio ie: steering wheel controls and dimming?
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    after market radios

    all ight so itryed putting in a stereo with out changing the factory...well it worksbut doesnt sound goodand i woul dlike more options. i want to do a flip up screen with navigation. however i was wondering how the hell u wire up an after market radio that the steering radio controls will still...
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    Rear Subs

    quikie kinda question. i put in some jls subs, which pound. some mb quart front components in the doors. i dont feel my front stage is quite good enough. what arethose 3.5 front speakers you guys were talking about. if iupgraded them would they need an amp on them to be heard since the entire...
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    portable GPS in the LS

    wondering if anyone has done portable / removeable GPS systems in their LS's. any recomendations? im persoanlly looking for something to put in the LS just concerned about so few affordable models not looking right in the car mayo
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    LINCOLN LS Headlight Set CLEAR Corners & DEMON EYES Kit

    well u have me sold... it sounds easy enough, and clean...i hate extra buttons and good nuttin but junk. the lights seem like a good thing to change up the look of teh LS. as for the neon light stuff cops are people who have bad days, then there are the cops who just like...
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    LINCOLN LS Headlight Set CLEAR Corners & DEMON EYES Kit

    how are tehy wired up? do they just plug into the stock wiring harness? and would i have any extra controls, like switches or knobs? could it be set up as teh regular headlighs just with the angel eye feature and clear turn signal? as for the 50 state legal issue, i dont think taht would be...
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    LINCOLN LS Headlight Set CLEAR Corners & DEMON EYES Kit

    reply what is the ccfl? and what are the major they still have the angel eyes look? do they improve night vision? are they really worth the money? thanks mayo
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    LINCOLN LS Headlight Set CLEAR Corners & DEMON EYES Kit

    wondering if anyone has bought this kit off the guy on ebay? wondering if anyone might even have any info on this mod: if they have done it and feedback on this mod. im very interested just curious to what others have done. mayo
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    new guy

    whats up everyone. new guy here, just returned home from iraq, and with all that money saved up bought an 02 LS V8. cant wait to become a contributing member of the site....peace mayo