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    2004 Lincoln LS ignition coils

    Thank you, from what the seller told me he changed the ignition coils but not the plugs. Would it be recommend to change everything again or just do the plugs?
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    2004 Lincoln LS ignition coils

    Hey Joe Thanks for the fast reply. To be honest there is this 2004 with 94k on it that I would love to pick up and the owner told me that the ignition coils was the only major issues. As far as the plugs I don't know if he/she had changed them. I rather the 2006 v8, the rims and the fog lights...
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    2004 Lincoln LS ignition coils

    Would anyone know that once you change the ignition coil on a 2004 LS, that it would give the car future issues because of it? Also with someone know what would be the cause for the iginition coils to go bad?
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    I looking at buy another 06' LS, can someone look something up for me?

    Well that is you're opinion pal, condescending comments to individuals with similar interests. The fate of humanity guys seem to be diminishing.
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    I looking at buy another 06' LS, can someone look something up for me?

    I'm on such a tight budget at the moment and was wondering if someone could possible look up this vin# 1LNHM87A66Y625495 for me please?
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    LvC Annual Christmas Party

    party any partys in new york city area?
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    Think they'll make a LS again, like a Limited!!

    Do you guys think Lincoln will ever make a Limited verison of LS again????? It sad how they would replace it with the MKZ.
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    Wiring amp's.

    Does anyone know how to wiring a aftermarket amp, too factory headunit??? and what would i need to do so?
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    i got 2 frontside door speakers(factory).... i would go mbquarts youll get alot of LOUDNESS.
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    New guy here!!!!!

    wat up calli fella! :D
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    New guy here!!!!!

    its the rader suppose to find police coming close to you?
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    my baby
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    New guy here!!!!!

    Whats up all, im the new guy (HI)... i have a question, i was reading someones thread and noticed it was about wiring a rader to the nav. mirror on the LS, could someone show me the info on how to wire it?