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  1. llirremmada

    Need right(driver) rear ride height sensor

    nothing on the website. help me people! some one has to know where i can find a used one.
  2. llirremmada

    Need right(driver) rear ride height sensor

    2000 Lincoln contiinental. I have searched ebay for months and called a whole lot of junk yards. I dont wanna buy new because of price. Any help please!!!
  3. llirremmada

    check ride control

    Ok, got the car checked out and it was some bad ball joints up front so I fixed that and the front is fine. The driver rear sensor is throwing a code. Firestone says they cant work on it and said take it to dealer who charges $90 just to look at it. The bags are practically brand new. It fills...
  4. llirremmada

    check ride control

    Yes, the compressor works just fine and it adjusts as necessary. Now when I drive the car it rides good for about five minutes. Then, the check ride control warning comes on and the front feels like the struts tighten up and it is real rough over bumps.
  5. llirremmada

    check ride control

    My check ride control warning came on about a week ago. I scaned it and no codes showed up. The front seems more rough over bumps, but it could be my imagination. I changed the rear bags and air dryer about two years ago. I checked to see if any of the sensors moved and they are all tight. Any...
  6. llirremmada

    Got any more of the cobra star emblems?

    Got any more of the cobra star emblems?
  7. llirremmada

    Check this out!!!

    Ok i mentioned a while back if there was any way to supercharge our cars and i felt like it was a little crazy if not impossible. There are very intelligent people out there with time and money so i know it can happen but anyways check out this video of this sts with a turbo. Pretty cool. Go to...
  8. llirremmada

    supercharger possible??????? 2000 conti

    someone has to know somthing!!! come on there has to be someone that can tell me what it would take to put a supercharger on. my biggest concern would be the cpu. I would guess that i would have to a hood scoop for the room or cut into the fender. either way somthings gotta give. there has to...
  9. llirremmada

    Recommended head unit?

    great website i order all of my car audio!! check out i bought thousands worth of car audio for my car as well as my wifes car. the shipping is great. if u get a chance get on there and pick out a few u are interested in and i will give u my opinion.
  10. llirremmada

    supercharger possible??????? 2000 conti

    i know what your thinking a supercharger??? lol!!! when my car hits 150 k im doing a complete engine rebuild! now what i want to know is there any way to put a supercharger on these? i am aware that the trans are weak but damn would it be cool to SC one of these!?!?
  11. llirremmada

    tranny rebuilt!!!!! damn it runs smooth!!!!!

    had tranny problems so i got the transmossion rebuilt new gears, seals and performance torque converter and it shifts sooo good. it cost me around 1500 but well worth it!!!!
  12. llirremmada

    2000 continental radio removal

    there is a black plastic cover around the whole center module. it will pop off easily with a flathead screwdriver. be careful not to scratch anything. then u will see the screws to the radio, its that easy!!
  13. llirremmada

    trans finially quit!!! 2000 lincoln conti

    no not a sports car but anyone will agree these cars have power to be a luxury vehicle. anyways got the tranny rebuilt turned out some of the gears were worn. got all new seals, gears and performance torque converter. ran me 1500 but let me tell you it has never ran better!!!! the shifts are...
  14. llirremmada

    how many miled do you have??????repairs????

    i just wanna get an idea of how many miles these cars can handle. ill start it off i have a 2000 lincoln continental with 82k REPAIRS: alternator transmission airbags tension pully + belt
  15. llirremmada

    trans finially quit!!! 2000 lincoln conti

    well after 82k of harsh driving and burnouts my tranny finially quit and i wasnt even driving it when it quit. my fiance was driving it on the highway and said the check trans light came on and she drove it another 50k. WTF? about 3 years ago i had to get the seal in the transmission replaced...
  16. llirremmada

    need new headlights and or taillights

    lol frogman is funny!!!:eek: my mistake its a 2000 lincoln continental and i found some headlights so all i need is some taillights, thanks
  17. llirremmada

    need new headlights and or taillights

    mine look pretty rought dont want to keep using headlight restoration kits i just want some better looking ones does anyone have some or know where to get some for god price?
  18. llirremmada

    where can i get more cobra lincoln emblems?

    i just wnat to buy a pair does anyone have any and will there be more made?
  19. llirremmada

    squeeling on cold start???????

    my car squeels really bad when i start my car in the morning it goes away when it warms up. does anyone know what it could be? and where can i order another set of those lincoln cobra emblems, the ones i ordered for ebay 2years ago are starting to corrode and want some new ones.