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    When it rains it pours...

    HA i got bang up countless time in six month on my silver LS the OL ' lady hit the guard rail one day around 1400 dallor damage .. another day a someone snowblower got away and ran into my driver side door.. not scratches but dent and grinds and i have a huge 40 in gash on my passenger side...
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    front LIP for LS - 80 dallors

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    salvage yard

    i need a passenger side fender and front bumber if anyone can find one..I buaght my Ls at a auction and i can complete it.. paint shop told me 1800 to fix my car and i really cant afford to send it there yet
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    front LIP for LS - 80 dallors

    i dont know about the side or rear i was jsut happy about the way the front fitts and look.. i've already order six of these so i'm hoping i get a discount on four more.. I know alot of racers and they'll buy these thing up for their civics and the price cant be beat with free shippin.. i talk...
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    front LIP for LS - 80 dallors

    HAHAH I finally did it HOrraaayy for me
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    front LIP for LS - 80 dallors

    ok motts sent and show everyone else for me please b4 i kick my comp
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    front LIP for LS - 80 dallors

    i have to figure out how to change from IMG to jpeg and make its smaller to fit this forum regulationm
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    front LIP for LS - 80 dallors

    OK i know i alrready upload the picture dammit jsut send me ur email address and i;'ll send u the pics or does someoen want to show me how to uplaod a pic for this site
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    front LIP for LS - 80 dallors

    ok i think i got the picture in but sorry if its tooo big i'm a high school drop out
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    front LIP for LS - 80 dallors

    OK i order a honda civic mugen front lip for my buddy cars and i just happen to put in on my ls to see how its look and WALLLAAAAA.. it fit.. with juts a lil bending and very little mods its loook sooo agressive... i juts order one my my LS .. TRUST ME its loook sooo mean.. MY opinion its looks...
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    I"M BIZAAKKKK<found another LS

    forthose who remember i sold my 01 LS three weeksago bc itwas curse and i didnt know what other car to get..WELL i found myself another LS8 Sprt and its ssoooo prettyy same year same color so me andmy brother are twin..FOUNND it at an auction for 8 grand and with 58k and inside is...
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    Here's another "DIDJA KNOW?"

    i dont have a manual but here's another one that some might not know and i just found out.. When ur stuck in a traffic and listening to ur favorite cd its automatically goes to a traffic report... I was blown away when this happen bc i thought u would need something liek a navi for this...
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    Pulled Over!!!

    I got pulled over for no reason and they search my car ( with my permission) and didnt find nothing at all.. i had my smoking stash hidden real well..i was :q:q:q:qting my pants but i knew if i act suspicous he'll try to nail me more.. reverse pshycology works.. i said sure officer do what...
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    She's gone .. goodbye members thanks for all the info and help

    2001 sport packages.. thanks everyone i'll keep this site on my favorite list since i sold the car to my older brother and i'm pretty sure he's going to need some tips along in the future.. as for my new ride.. i've already pick up the chick magnet so no thanks for the markvIII advice...
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    She's gone .. goodbye members thanks for all the info and help

    tomarrow is my last day with her.. we've only been together for a little over a year.. I'm going to miss the way she rides, the way she smells (country fresh)... the ways she looks silver frost with silver klubanc 20' OEM body kit.. sad sad day for me..I didnt want to do it but i have and...
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    is this a feature inthe ls:

    i was stuck in a traffic jam in I90 thruway upstate ny for around 45 minutes .. i started searching AM radio for traffic report but found none after 15 minutes i gave up.. i put my cd player back on and around 20 minutes later FM came on all by itself and gave the traffic report on one of...
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    Heater fan noise

    HOLY crap i got the same noise and i just got my car back from the dealer last monday... let me know what it is .. if its a huge problem i'll take it back b4 my warrantee runs out thats feb 26.. dammit i'm soo sick of going there.. and they're sick of me but F' them ... build the car better...
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    Valve Cover Leaks

    i juts got my valve cover replace too.. do u still have that burning oil smell when u trun on ur heater or a/c .. mines still smell but not as s bad
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    foudn out waht the burning smell was when i turn on my heater

    dealer said it was a leaky valve cover.. wonder why my cover would leak soo soon my car has under 50k .. got me kinda worreid i'm already starting to leak anything..doe sany know if this problem could lead into feature problem..i'm already putting this car on the market.. if i can sell it for...
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    Strange Smell When I Turn My Heat On

    i'm taking it in monday and i'll let everyone know what my problems were.. i hope it has nothing to do with engine being bad or gasket bc that would suck when my warranty runs out and i have to pay for it myself.. this car is a headache