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  1. 605RezlifeLS

    Did you you need a relay for your DDM HID kit?

    My eBay kit takes about 3 seconds and my ddm takes about 7 seconds, ddm is very slow, they start out more dim than my halogen bulbs did gives out a decent color though
  2. 605RezlifeLS

    20's must go lincoln ls 950.00

    damn those are sick, omaha is like 6 hours from me, I'm needing some rims too
  3. 605RezlifeLS

    Did you you need a relay for your DDM HID kit?

    correct, arn't you a bright one. :D
  4. 605RezlifeLS

    Did you you need a relay for your DDM HID kit?

    My ddm slim works good without a relay, had it for 2 months now the charge up takes a while though I like my eBay kit better..
  5. 605RezlifeLS


    I like the color matched grille
  6. 605RezlifeLS

    Lets talk about balljoints

    tires plus told me I need new ball joints and printed out a quote for me for 550$ is that good or bad?
  7. 605RezlifeLS

    Took some photos today

    so your car is like a myspace chick, looks sexy as :q:q:q:q in her pics but gains about 20lbs when you meet her in person, not only that she stinks and doesnt wear make up, and u want to find a reason to get the hell out of there with out being a dick about it but then you can't stop looking at...
  8. 605RezlifeLS

    Magnaflow exhaust installed

    I still think it looks much more cleaner without the lids bruh!
  9. 605RezlifeLS

    Took some photos today

    you car is far to shiny looks like it needs to be hit with a bat a couple times
  10. 605RezlifeLS

    Magnaflow exhaust installed

    just photoshop it and then sell it to me :D haha you front end looks a lot cleaner without the eye lids though foreal
  11. 605RezlifeLS

    Magnaflow exhaust installed

    I'd do without the eye lids, also photoshop the rear surround black to see how that would look, I would also sell rez life ls that home made mesh grille... thats jus me tho edit: did I mention your car is probably one of the best in that color, which is the same color as mine but yours is...
  12. 605RezlifeLS


    A MILF once told me she wanted the color of my car as her nail polish :p
  13. 605RezlifeLS

    00-02 Lincoln LS headlights, both, $50/each

    you can still open them, it's just not going to be as easy as heating up the grey sealant and pulling it apart, you'll have to cut it, which isn't hard if you have a smith n wesson :p
  14. 605RezlifeLS

    tittle problem?!?

    lol I thought it said tittie problem
  15. 605RezlifeLS

    HID questions.

    I went with a cheap ebay kit and it's been in for over 4 months now with no problems and lots of brightness, lots of people flashing me, there was a cop in front of me and turned his lights on and got out of his car and came to my door and told me to turn my brights off, my point being 55w 5000k...
  16. 605RezlifeLS

    A few pics of LS

    all that black and white makes it look abusive...
  17. 605RezlifeLS

    A few more for picture day, hey!

    Love the pearl paint, it shifts to so many different shades of white to pink to peach color, sometime matches a vagina, i love it
  18. 605RezlifeLS

    New pics of the ls

    especially when only 13% of the members on the forum have seen this thread.
  19. 605RezlifeLS

    New pics of the ls

    Hmm... I actually thought it was a good idea
  20. 605RezlifeLS

    INT LED install with pictures

    I used a load of ebay leds myself for my first gen, first gen lights are 212 in the dome.