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    Etc fail safe

    Yeah i thought about it and came to the same conclusion. I'm currently not getting a CEL, so i guess i'll have to wait till something pops up. I want it fixed but like you said, no use rushing to replace parts.
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    Etc fail safe

    Thanks alot for the info! My etc fail safe has came up 3-4 times in the last two months or so, and my gas pedal seems to be a little off. Sometimes, in reverse especially, it seems to take a while to act once i apply pressure to the pedal. So i think maybe i should buy a new pedal...
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    FOR SALE: XCAL 2 with custom tune from ILLS & 15" sub setup in box built for LS

    Is there no clearance over the top of the box? I have the dvd drive and amp still mounted up there although i don't use them and could remove them.. i'm still worried if it would sit flush in there or be too big?
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    Replaced coils but now the rough idle is worse.

    Well just to clarify the problem was just the connection not being plugged in completely. It was such a great feeling to drive home and have a smooth ride once again lol.
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    Replaced coils but now the rough idle is worse.

    Hey joegr, thanks for the response. I bought motorcraft, I didn't want to go with anything aftermarket. I'll double check the connections in the morning. I had read to make sure they're snapped in all the way, although i didn't check after they were installed, i'm hoping my mechanic wouldn't...
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    Pic's of my LS

    Very nice!
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    Replaced coils but now the rough idle is worse.

    Hey guys, so i've been having rough idle/misfires, also CEL which i knew was my coils. I replaced all 8 coils on wed (2/20). No oil leaking in, and spark plugs (which were replaced 10k miles ago, i'm at 103k currently) still looked good and were set to 1mm gap. Now I've read about driving...
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    Official Car Wash Thread

    hey does anyone have any recommendations on carpet cleaner? Seems all the same but i thought i'd ask.
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    Options for Coils other then Motorcraft or Visteon?

    I considered Accel but i guess i just wasn't convinced enough. I had enough money to play with thanks to income tax that i just went with motorcraft to ease my mind.
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    HID Fog Light Conversion Kits

    Since it came up does anyone have experience with the best bulb to match the stock hid's?
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    Anyone interested in full led interior conversions?

    i'd be interested!
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    Options for Coils other then Motorcraft or Visteon?

    Currently yes. Rockauto has them for $50.79, I just bought my set off Amazon for $46.95. I have amazon prime aswell so they would have saved me a couple bucks. Only thing is i'll have 5 of them on friday and the other 3 won't come in till next week.
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    Oil changes.

    Mobile 1 Full Synthetic aswell... But like joegr said, i searched it before i switched, lots of opinions.
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    Options for Coils other then Motorcraft or Visteon?

    Ahh i've yet to see some good opinions, so i'll probably have to jump on a set of motorcraft (Unless someone speaks up of course!). Amazon has them cheapest i've seen currently but they only have 5 in stock!
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    Cooling system issue/leak

    Im sorry i was confused as to why you were suggesting he replace those. I thought it was more specific to the problems in the OP. Once i checked the 2nd link you posted i understood. To be fair i feel silly now, since i now realize this thread is an exact answer to my question i just posted...
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    LS V8 Visteon COP Part #??

    Any shoppers? Is this a trusted site?
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    Cooling system issue/leak

    My Upper radiator hose busted last night. Which other pipes are you suggesting get replaced?
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    Beer or liqour

    Im a part-time beer connoisseur. But i do love me some patron.
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    Fall Photos

    yeah i meant the "pre-lse" grille i guess. but i agree. I dont think ill ever do the conversion, i think it would be smarter to save that money for problems that may arise. But a man can dream cant he??
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    My Sub Build (Ongoing)

    hey bro how is your system working for you? You have the most similair system i can find to what im planning to go with. How many ohms do you have it wired down to? Also how is it affecting your electrical? Im planning to do between 700-1000w RMS, im leaning towards 700w @ 2ohms to avoid...