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    Top speed

    Hey I have a 1992 Mark 7 LSC and Im pretty sure it will go 135-140 it would go faster but it keeps shifting down in drive when the peddle is to the floor going that fast. I dont know why your guys car wont go that fast. :L
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    electrical problems

    Hi, what do u do when u find a fault or defect in the electerical system, because i havnt got it looked at yet but i was just wondering what you do when you find one. thanks alot :feedback
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    electrical problems

    Ive had electrical problems with my car ever scence my votage regulator went out in my 1992 lincoln mark 7. it seemed to blow alot of relays and it blew the air suspension reglator and messed it all up. i was wondering if anyone knew where the relays were for the car. :feedback thanks