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    Mounting Neons

    I had them under my seats, but the seats are adjustable and when you lower them to much they snap the neons.
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    Mounting Neons

    I have four blue neons, i know how to wire them I just dont know how i should mount them. I have 2 12inch neons for the back seats, and 2 18inch neons for the passenger and driver sides under the dash. If you have any ideas or pics please lhelp me. Thanks -Dennis
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    Question about center console

    I dont have a picture but it i different. The 2000 has the flip cup holders and the 2001 has holes for the cups
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    RCA input

    Is there an RCA imput that is compatible with my 2000 LS stock headunit. It has a built in 6 disk changer as well. I need it to set up my ipod becuase the itrip is making me angry. Thanks -Dennis
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    Question about wiring

    I just recieved my interior neons and i was just wondering if anybody could give me some ideas on how to wire them. I know how to set them up i just dont know how i am going to get the wires to the trunk where the battery is located. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. Thanks...
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    Water in 2001 LS headlamp

    Yeah man i had the same problem and i just took it to the dealer and they fixed it.
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    Question about center console

    I was just wondering if anyboby knew if i could change the 2000 LS center console to the 2001-2004 style. I am pretty sure you can but if anybody knows how please let me know because i really hate those pop out cupholders and they dont even hold bottles and they arent deep enough for the...
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    How to setup ipod

    I was just wondering if you guys could give me some ideas on how to mount my ipod in my 2000 LS. If you have any ideas let me know please Thanks -Dennis
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    Should I Buy The McLaren Grille

    i was just wondering what you guys thought about the McLaren Grille. I want to put it on my 2000 LS. Please let me know what you think. Thanks -Dennis