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  1. 1995 Lincoln Mark VIII

    1995 Lincoln Mark VIII

    The Graphite Ghost Great runner and a pleasure to drive.
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    The Flowmaster Groan

    Comic Sans MS The howling Mark VIII needs your help. My 95 LSC now howls at any steady speed. It sounds good idling and accelerating or running down. I added Two Stage Flowmasters and now have trouble hearing the radio or CD at cruse speeds. The muffler mounts are not damaged and there is...
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    turn signal switch possibly?

    Hazard switch hangup! This is a problem that has been discussed before on other forums. It is supposed that due to the opening in the top of the steering column for the Hazard Switch that dust somehow gets into the switch mechanism itself. Now since one uses the Hazards rarely, when you...
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    Time to freak!

    Shop the bags and labor. Before you go to crazy with the dealer at $395/bag try the link below. My local mechanic bought parts, two front bags and compresor from Arnott and installed them for $850. That was over a year ago and they are still doing great. The...
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    Electrical Car Wash Nightmare

    Not totally unique During a road trip I needed to use my hazards on a mountain curve for a accident ahead, they did not work! The short story is that the car wash guys either sprayed or corraled some dust into the switch area and it failed to operate. I posted the problem and the forum...