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    Just installed aftermarket HID's on both Marks.

    Ultimately I'd like to rig it up so that the highs are just on high but the low's are on all the time. I am for sure going to get a set with a relay harness, been there done that for a jeep that a friend of mine has. I think im going to order a set this week, i have a better set of housings...
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    Just installed aftermarket HID's on both Marks.

    yeah let me know what brand you bought and where, this new 94 still has the suicide lights... lol.
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    straight pipe people

    I did the same thing, just cut the mufflers off and fixed the :q:q:q:qty y, i was originally going to put something in the third cat slot but meh, i liked the loud. make sure you make one of the tails longer than the other or you will go nuts from the drone, you can offset the y.
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    Chrome Snowflakes

    I have chrome snowflakes on my 94. Don't care for them myself.
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    I think I like the way this looks....

    stick on hood scoops are the big thing here. a friend of mine bought that 4 door pontiac thing with the v8, i call it his "GPC" for generic pontiac car. he put some kinda flowmaster crap on it with big tips, a chip, tint, and stick on "ram air" scoops. i beat his ass by well over a length and...
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    Dynomax mufflers

    Well. My car drones at 1800 rpm. Loud inside the car, but as you go above 70mph it gets a nice muted performance sound. At 6500 rpm it wails. Three cats to a y to tails, no mufflers. I got my first "loud exhaust warning saturday evening, but the state cops are on a "seat belt/equipment"...
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    Rotor and Brake Group Purchase?

    got a couple thousand miles on there now, very pleased.
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    Rotor and Brake Group Purchase?

    what's a Caddy? :)
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    Rotor and Brake Group Purchase?

    Impressed! Got my rotors and pads, excellent price. Seem to be good quality parts. I drive it like i stole it, so have too see how they hold up. Steven at r1 was very helpful and great to deal with.
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    After 2 weeks of sitting, look at how slammed it was

    mine drops in the rear when it's really cold. i'm sure it's a stiff o-ring, takes it about 18 hours to drop.
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    gauge pod

    i'd actually like to know what to fit, also, for a gen 1, i know some of you guys have to have one. probably a discontinued part now though...hahah
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    Door Ajar Light

    inside the latch mechanism.
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    3rd Annual Boscobel Beach Party Thread

    a rev off huh? Wonder if my straight pipes are louder? Can't wait to meet all of you guys, and girl... :)
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    Fuel Pump Help & info for site on pressure

    you have no idea how easy that swap was. now my 93 didn't have a "basket" that we had to modify, it was a simple drop in replacement using the correct kit that was shipped with the pump, oh and thanks for the suggestion on where to get it, mespock. great place. the most difficult thing i had...
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    Am I retarded?

    i got the tbird stuff for my 97, it's steel sprung now anyway. seems to be an identical part other than the damned price.
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    Thank you to everyone that has helped

    very welcome, we are usually a friendly bunch! Well mespock is kinda crabby but he's old. :)
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    3rd Annual Boscobel Beach Party Thread

    i'll be comin up but won't be able to bring my uncle, it'll be a low dough show for me cause i'm in between contracts but i'm for sure comin up.
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    i think i'm buying a cadillac!

    i have to say my mark vii was of a lot better build quality then my viii. I miss my 7, a lot. But it performed nothing like the 8.
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    oops! maybe i overdid it...

    mine has no cutouts, the magnaflow tips look very stangy so to speak below the bumper cover.
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    oops! maybe i overdid it...

    beach party!