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  1. nghtshd88

    Thunderbird 3.9 Same as LS 3.9?

    Is there a way to match via VIN or the label/serial on the motors?
  2. nghtshd88

    Thunderbird 3.9 Same as LS 3.9?

    Searching for a new motor this week and keeping the old for parts. I came across an 04 Thunderbird 3.9 running with 44k miles on it but am not sure if it will be a direct swap for the LS? Being 04 it should be gen 2 but unsure of the differences if any or weak points of the 04 vs 05.
  3. nghtshd88

    Update on Ignition Coils

    My delphi coils have been good for years so far.
  4. nghtshd88

    Air Filter Soaked in Oil

    About to dismantle it. Hoping to avoid a new motor. I found the rings but no luck on rod bearings. Terrys Jag carries green, yellow & blue for two series 4.0, new and late. They have no measurements on either. Tech recommended I order them and just measure since there is no other way besides...
  5. nghtshd88

    Air Filter Soaked in Oil

    So it got worse last night.. oil spraying all over.. puddle under the filter.. Flashing CEL came on and a "distinct" bad misfire.. usually can still drive on 1 bad coil but had a major powerloss. No fail safe mode. Got off the road and the car died in park. Swapped coils first no change. Blue...
  6. nghtshd88

    Air Filter Soaked in Oil

    Not sure how much "suction" you would feel on the LS. I couldnt feel a thing so I put both a receipt and paper napkin on top and it will just slightly give off enough air to vibrate and move it around a little but not enough to puff it off.. id say its neutral if anything.. i also have an a/f...
  7. nghtshd88

    Air Filter Soaked in Oil

    Idle felt a little rough lately so decided to check things out clean the filter and maf. Come to see its soaked in oil down to the stabilizer bar.. lost about a half quart of oil. It also ran down to the coils. Hit the gas today and a huge cloud of smoke randomly blew out the tailpipes although...
  8. nghtshd88

    Rear Wheel Bearings

    Does Ford sell rear bearings or these come with the knuckle? Going on my THIRD set of Timken bearings in 2yrs. Warranty is up and debating if its better to get a used knuckle off ebay at this point.
  9. nghtshd88

    Coolant Outlet Connector

    Have replaced this "O-ring" 2-3 times already. Believe the peice that it fits into expands over time. I replaced both the last time and its been dry since. Do it once and order at least both parts and the O-ring. Its very hard to see in back of it but wouldnt be surprised if its actually the...
  10. nghtshd88

    Bad Timing Chain Tensioner

    Have bad a small rattle from the drive side valve cover that just developed into a flutter/slapping noise around 2k rpm.. can only assume its the timing chain tensioner. 1k miles ago when I had the cover off I checked and the chain was tight no missing plastic have no misfires nothing.. Ive...
  11. nghtshd88

    Reverse and drive works only for a day

    5w20. 6 hours from Buffalo and it rarely snows here anymore. 55 degrees all week. Did have a mouse get in the engine bay one frigid winter though, sure its common. Ended up being a slightly corroded connection. Its probably from detailing, guessing hard water or PH levels. Cleaned and put...
  12. nghtshd88

    Reverse and drive works only for a day

    Just got this code after leaving the car sit for 6 weeks and changing to valvoline synthetic and new plugs. Have a slight humming noise on the passenger side although I dont have the sound cover on now. What does one look for in the electrical test for this? Have forscan but not sure what to...
  13. nghtshd88

    Stainless Steel Bakes Lines - Any Problems with Fitments?

    Replaced mine a few years ago with stop tech, def a small difference. No fitment issues just zip tied the new lines.
  14. nghtshd88

    Front Sway Bar Removal

    Thanks, didnt see those for the LCA's. Pricier and unsure of the extra noise they may give. In the winter here I have gotten noise off those. Went with regular bushings for $90 waiting to press in this week. Got a new OEM stock bar off ebay for $120. It feels better to me with the bushings glued...
  15. nghtshd88

    Front Sway Bar Removal

    Suprisingly the bar came out easily including the 13mm bolts with the LCA's loosened up. Subrame did not have to be unbolted, just upper ball joint and shock so the LCA can lower. A/C line of course is just in the way of everything as usual. Also got the ford rebuilt alternator out again easily...
  16. nghtshd88

    Gen 2 VCG Replacement

    No way would the dip tube lift enough its a long stud.. had to bend the bracket.. definitely wasnt going to remove it. Fuel line came off very easy seemingly without the tool.. Wasnt easy with a ton of dirt on the top side of the cover and crumbling wiring harness trying to fall in. Going to put...
  17. nghtshd88

    Gen 2 VCG Replacement

    Looking for torque specs/sequence for gen2 v8. Specificaly driver side.. Very limited space on the bottom of the cover. Fuel line has to be disconnected to remove it? Seems all of the older links here are dead.
  18. nghtshd88

    Fake OEM control arms?

    Heard a terrible noise after hitting a hole. Took the front suspension apart and the crappy MOOG upper ball joints were severely loose.. sorry I bought them under 2yrs ago.. In search of new OEM which is impossible to find. I bought 2 new open box off of ebay from the Jaguar.. Well I got them...
  19. nghtshd88

    I Hate Raccoons !!!

    Just went through this months ago, we spoke about how you were able to remove the radiator through the top without disconnecting the A/C lines:) (not physically possible on the 05 3.9 at least) Carquest from autozone works/fits great with no issue still. Also used Gates DCCV & OEM Aux pump off...
  20. nghtshd88

    Rear sub fram mounts/bushings

    PM sent.