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  1. mikeyg03ls

    pretty sure I need rear tierods

    Don't forget to check your ball joints too if you get the 6 and 12 wobble just in case.
  2. mikeyg03ls

    After Digging all the way in This is what I Found - New Head Gasket? (Pix)

    I agree with ranchero but if you have the time and you're ambitious why not. It's mostly labor, gaskets won't be too bad. And if you have it all apart you could do the valve cover gasket as we'll. if it hasn't overheated generally the heads shouldn't be warped. Just check it with a straight bar...
  3. mikeyg03ls

    FS: OEM Splash Guards & Gen II Chrome Surround

    Would have bought those splash guards in a second if I had known they existed
  4. mikeyg03ls

    Painted grill

    Never realized I don't like the chrome that much until now haha, looks good. It might also be because the chrome is a little more in your face on the red compared to white
  5. mikeyg03ls

    Mlara1129's C-List Finds

    Haha, it's been exactly one year since I bought it.. I'm In mass/ I got it from a dealership/ I just remembered it was 8 but after fees and everything it was 9.
  6. mikeyg03ls

    Mlara1129's C-List Finds

    Ouchh, I paid 9 for my 03 sport with 57k
  7. mikeyg03ls

    Opinions wanted.

    Not in this thread. Try posting in the "parts wanted by members" section. And also look in the for sale section.
  8. mikeyg03ls

    2006 LS Help

    Thanks for catching that. Probably should have noted that since I too have had misfires without the light coming on/staying on. However I did have oil on mine when they failed because of a bad valve cover gasket. I also know someone with an 02 that had water in his. But every situation can be...
  9. mikeyg03ls

    5% Rock Auto Discount

    Hey guys just wanted to share a discount code I got in a recent email. It takes 5% off off your total order, no limits and good till June 29th 2014. Just type it into the "how did you hear about us line in the cart" and hit apply. It's not much but I figured why not. Code is: 2189024519873090
  10. mikeyg03ls

    Would low transmission fluid be causing this problem with my LS?

    Just wanted to throw in how to check the fluid but I'm not positive if it's the same on the 00-02 tranny. Maybe joegr could verify? All you need to do is get the car on a level surface, there should be and torx bolt in the middle of the drain bolt. Slowly remove this and if fluid starts to...
  11. mikeyg03ls

    Has anyone tried these balljoints?

    Agreed, I think it's important to always do a little research and make sure you're buying from a good known brand. Just keep in mind if you're buying aftermarket generally it's not going to last as long as OE parts. I've been wondering how those are as well.
  12. mikeyg03ls

    2006 LS Help

    Btw There's a Lott of info on bad coils for our cars, a couple quick searches should tell you everything you might need to know. There's also info on why coils can go bad on these engines and proper more permanent fixes.
  13. mikeyg03ls

    2006 LS Help

    Then I'm sorry to say you're right and do need a new coil or coil(s). If you have access to a scan tool that would be ideal to check which cylinder it is. If not I would advise checking your coils. All you have to do is unbolt the roughly 8 screws and take the cover off and the coils are right...
  14. mikeyg03ls

    2006 LS Help

    If you're plugs are bad you should be having misfires which would bring up a flashing check engine light. Check for oil on your coils and plugs while you're at it. The passenger bank should take 15 minutes, the other 4 take a bit longer.
  15. mikeyg03ls

    Mlara1129's C-List Finds

    Combine it with a good intake and you might see it increase a few digits. Probably not worth it just for that purpose though. Also I've heard you can get the LSE bumpers from Prestige Bumpers, listed as 350 w/shipping. Says out of stock but I've hearddd on this forum they can get them in if...
  16. mikeyg03ls


    I've realized that if an LS can have a problem, someone on here has talked about it or can help greatly with it. Definitely a great site you'll end up needing haha
  17. mikeyg03ls

    Whats the mileage on your LS?

    03 v8 about 77,000 runnin strong
  18. mikeyg03ls

    Lug Nut Blues

    Sorry bigrig, I don't mean to argue with you but you should never be putting anti-seize on lug nuts. Cleaning up the studs and torquing the nuts to the proper spec should be plenty good enough. Especially if you're rotating your tires on a routine schedule and you have a bunch of new studs. I...
  19. mikeyg03ls

    Opinions wanted.

    4 bucks where In mass, never thrown anything other than premium in her
  20. mikeyg03ls

    Lug Nut Blues

    I would definitely check out rock auto as we'll. Just got 20 dorman lug nuts for around 1.20 a piece. Btw our lug nuts suuckkkk so don't feel bad haha. I pretty much expect to strip one every time I touch a wheel. Not sure exactly what you mean by stripping, I would assume you meant he aluminum...