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  1. B.Elliot

    2008 Cadillac DTS Premium

    Nobody knows what a DTS Premium is?
  2. B.Elliot

    2008 Cadillac DTS Premium

    I came across an ad for a 2008 Cadillac DTS Premium. What is a Premium package? Or is this just a fancy name for a Luxury II package?
  3. B.Elliot

    Lincoln keyless entry fob

    I have a '02 TC Signature Limited. My keyless entry fob is gone. I was told that after purchasing a new one that the dealership has to program it. Is this true? I see a lot of ads for keyless fobs. Also what is a reasonable price for another fob? Also, where is the best place to get a new one?
  4. B.Elliot

    Post-2006 Northstar engines

    Can't remember where I read it, but the article said that starting 2006 the Cadillac Northstar engine was redesigned to be better than it's predecessor. It this true, or not? I have been toying with the notion of a 2009 DTS with 66,000 miles on it.
  5. B.Elliot

    New Member

    Thank all of you for your kind welcomes!
  6. B.Elliot

    New Member

    Came across this forum and decided to join. I see a lot of great posts here! Thank you for accepting my membership. Greetings to all from the Land of 10,000 Lakes! Currently own a 2002 Lincoln Town Car Signature Limited. This is only the second Lincoln I've owned. Had a lot of Cadillacs though...