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    SilverBullet Here - I'm a Kinda Newbie to this "Forum Stuff" ...

    Thanks so much for getting back to me! 04_Sport_LS, !! I truly appreciate you taking the time~!!! :) Yup - pulling the coils and boots was the first thing i did last time to check for oil so that's the first step again. My original "factory set" had oil in the wells at about 50-60K - I think...
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    SilverBullet Here - I'm a Kinda Newbie to this "Forum Stuff" ...

    I have a Silver 2002 LS Sport owned since 2004. First I'll miss Joegr as I've read many of his tips over the years. This is just my first time posting. So I hope I'm doing it correctly. If this is correct, I'll post more about myself another time. Obviously I have loved my car over the...
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    2006 Lincoln ls off the crusher

    Depending on your wants, needs and budget … in the Ford World, the Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ (same car platform) have been solid, high quality, reliable (depending on power train) and consistent performers over a number of years. Similar in size to your LS. Main difference is they come std...
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    Sad day, but maybe a silver lining.

    i'd put the $170.00+ into it to keep her on the road! Check out Carl Smith's 2000 Restoration for inspiration
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    Russiagate is this generation's WMD

    Gosh! That must be an "Upgrade" from CNN's former name … the "Clinton News Network!"