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  1. 94_Linc_mk8

    lvc girl

    Sometimes being the center of attention isn't what it's cracked up to be. :Bang
  2. 94_Linc_mk8

    lvc girl

    Hook me up Motts, i'm a good guy from Lima.
  3. 94_Linc_mk8

    HVAC question

    It was a combination of all three, vacuum to the EATC, vacuum to the check valve, and vacuum to the vacuum motor, but I got it all fixed, and it works great! You guys saved my life, becase it's like 101 outside. Thanks alot.
  4. 94_Linc_mk8

    HVAC question

    How often is the unit itself bad, because I can feel the very, very, faintest amount of air coming out of the panel vents. Could the EATC be bad on certain settings, or is that to uncommon.
  5. 94_Linc_mk8

    HVAC question

    I finally got around to removing the EATC and the vacuum lines look good. My question is, where is the vacuum motor supposed to be, thats the next place im going to look.
  6. 94_Linc_mk8

    Car won't start...

    check yor terminal connections on your battery
  7. 94_Linc_mk8

    Considering parting out '94 - what's worth selling?

    if you haven't sold the wheels yet PM me, I am interested
  8. 94_Linc_mk8

    Check Air Ride???

    The way I understood it, there is a module behind the glove box, and that is where the wire is at. I haven't tried to cut it yet, but that is where I think it is.
  9. 94_Linc_mk8

    Fog lights

    I just wanted to know from the guys who have put fog lights on a Mark; How much of a difference does a set of these make? Is it worth a try?
  10. 94_Linc_mk8

    Drinking songs

    Shadows Fall - drinking Devin - smoking
  11. 94_Linc_mk8

    Silicon Booby Trap

    18/20 good game
  12. 94_Linc_mk8

    Low washer fluid message

    me too
  13. 94_Linc_mk8

    age and location check.....

    19 / ohio
  14. 94_Linc_mk8

    gas prices

    $1.98 for 92 at certified in north west ohio
  15. 94_Linc_mk8

    What octane to use??....this disturbs and confuses me....

    I have never even put any in the mark before, so don't worry about what i'm doing.
  16. 94_Linc_mk8

    What octane to use??....this disturbs and confuses me....

    Well, I would never put a full tank of it in, because it's LEADED. I have used it in my Challenger several times, and it's good stuff. My friend uses it in his 12 sec. LeBaron, every time he goes to the strip.
  17. 94_Linc_mk8

    What octane to use??....this disturbs and confuses me....

    It's only $2.99/gallon, Thats only a dollar more than premium around here. It varies from $1.79-$2.25/gallon, for premium, and the CAM 2 stays at $2.99.
  18. 94_Linc_mk8

    What octane to use??....this disturbs and confuses me....

    There is a Certified station 5 miles from my house that has CAM 2, which is 110 OCTANE!!!!!. I haven't put any in the mark, but I think I will.
  19. 94_Linc_mk8

    Need opinions on this stereo setup

    I like MTX, another guy likes Infinity, another likes Vega's... so what... just buy one. My NEW opinion is you should just do what you wanted to do in your first post, and forget what any of us ever said.
  20. 94_Linc_mk8

    Need opinions on this stereo setup

    Have you ever even installed a system in a car before? Your looking at doing a lot if time and work, if you want to re-do everything. I would get two big subs, and take advantage of the cars accoustic qualities, dont mess around with a single sub, and underpower it with a 4 channel. You wont be...