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    REAL OFFICIAL LINCOLN LS OWNERS GUIDE!!!! Basic tips and info.

    FYI: Had a new key programmed at a locksmith and they were able to retrieve the doorpad key code numbers. This thread began as a LS Owners Guide, and earlier int he thread it stated all meaningless comments have been deleted. Might be a good idea to delete a lot of these posts.
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    Another front bumper question

    Yes, I searched-6 pages worth of answers. I have a 2003 minor hit in the front, found a 2002 same color. Fender will change, but what about the bumper. Here is what I found-3 different bumpers. Mine is a sport, I don't want an LSE, thus I also don't want a 2006. I know if I put a Gen II...
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    For Sale 23 Lincolns for sale

    I have a number of Lincolns for sale. Will be getting pictures in the next few days. 1996 Diamond Anniversary cars-have 3 silver Town cars and one maroon. Have 2 maroon Continentals and one silver. Have two maroon Mark VIII and one silver. 1996 Mark VIII LSC- motor has a knock at...
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    1986 Lincoln LSC White Lightning Edition

    1986 White Lightning Edition LSC by tbenvie » Tue Apr 30, 2013 1:30 am Losing storage so forced to sell many cars. I have a 1986 Lincoln LSC White Lightning Edition I bought in Calif and had it shipped here to Mass. Has high mileage but runs great. No rust, interior pretty decent. Needs...