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  1. NowAndLater

    identify this please

    Plastic clip on the end of the passenger side IMRC won't engage flap. Need to replace this cable. Any tips? Part numbers? Not hitting any keywords in searches. Thanks
  2. NowAndLater

    Torque Specs... Valve Cover

    I hate to be the necromancer but for future reference Took me 6 hours to find something official so I thought it was worth it to post and maybe save someone a lot of valuable time. edit: removed picture because even that one is wrong.... nvm.. I'm an ijit. Sure would be nice to see a diagram...
  3. NowAndLater

    Craigslist finds

    1997 LINCOLN MARK VIII / ONLY **22K** ORIGINAL MILES Nice gold one.
  4. NowAndLater

    Shock Mounts

    Parts For Sale Forum
  5. NowAndLater

    For Sale 29k 98 v111 one owner 4000!!

    I know I know... been watching it for 6 months and never a pic. Started at 8500. Since I posted it yesterday it's been edited. Sounds like he's wording it to look like it's 4K but meaning he lowered it 4K down to 7k (which would be a fib). If you like I can call him and run over to grab some...
  6. NowAndLater


    Visually inspect EAP(Electric Air Pump in front of crankshaft) hoses from the EAP to the AIRD(Air Diverter Valve(s)) valves. Inspect air hose for cracks, binding and obstructions. Disconnect hose at AIRD valve, run engine and check for airflow. Check for vacuum at AIRD valve control...
  7. NowAndLater

    For Sale 29k 98 v111 one owner 4000!!

    Not affiliated. I have not seen it. 1998 LINCOLN MARK V111 - 29,800 MILES In my neighborhood. (Car was listed for 7k for two months, looks like he copy/pasted the old text into it without editing).
  8. NowAndLater

    Higher Stall and Gears? Can't I just do the converter?

    Update? Pics? Like what I hear so far.
  9. NowAndLater

    Introduction and Mark VIII Manual Swap + Progress

    Would love to see finished pics of this. I'm going to do the same thing in a towncar. This is a sweet project and was really fun to follow along, thanks for sharing.
  10. NowAndLater

    What did you do to your Mark VIII today?

    Dropped the manifold, plenum, and TB off at the shop to get a seafoam-on-roids (glass bead) treatment (thinking about taking the crossover coolant tube to have all the rust cleaned out of it, too, any thoughts on this?). Dropped the oil. Picked up 8 injector rebuild kits, a boatload of gaskets...
  11. NowAndLater

    Hello, new member, 2x new-to-me mark 8's

    Yea, that's a SW "junker". The thing was on CL for 1.5 months for 300$. I felt I had to. It's actually a really nice car inside and out. Only one minor tear on the drivers seat. Airbags are gone (whomp whomp). I'm a really big fan of Lincoln air ride for my back struggles. This coilover crap is...
  12. NowAndLater

    Hello, new member, 2x new-to-me mark 8's

    Hi all. I was searching for a mark 8 for about 6 months and stumbled on one for scrap (literally) price and figured I'd give it a go to fix it. PO said his son let it overheat but it doesn't show much evidence of that. Instead it shows, well, I'll let you see in the pics. I think I'm going to...