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    Any information on instaclear?

    I ended up getting the factory repair manual and did some researching and while I’m not proficient, I agree you are right, it does disconnect the alternator from the rest of the car, but it’s also supposed to raise the rpm’s to compensate for the higher pull, mines not doing that, but to the...
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    pre 1996 ABS diagnostic procedures

    I have an ABS light on a 1991 TC, does anyone have any advice on how to diagnose the issue, how to pull codes? I've noticed the light doesn't immediately come on but as soon as I start moving it light up like the 4th of July. I haven't paid attention to whether or not it does it at 14mph, I'm...
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    Any information on instaclear?

    I recently got an absolute chestnut of a deal! I picked up a 1991 signature black on black on black "has the black Presidential town sedan top". I make the third owner of this rig, the previous owner bought it in 1996 and it's spent the better part of the past 20+ years in his garage only driven...
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    Why did you pick your tc over the deville?

    I have owned both town car and deville and I must say, I tried to like the caddy, I really did I gave it as fair of a chance as I could and what I found is that it wasn't the car for me. The seats were uncomfortable, the dash was always rattling and while yes it did have the Northstar that...
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    The perfect Town Car

    I believe the biggest reason the 90s models are so popular is because many people believe that they were the last of the true luxo boats. That is to say after those model years they stiffened up the suspension and made them more crown vicish and anyone who likes a town car wants no mistake made...
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    noob suspension conversion question

    air ride is the way to go tc is heavier than gm or cv ergo will sag later on also i believe cheaper to stick with air suspension
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    2004 Town Car Ultimate phantom top canvas top fake convertible top

    The 90s are over my friend heck im thinking about ripping my top off.
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    The perfect Town Car

    Hmm my dream Town Car ok 1996 Cartier Black on Black with 1997 Cartier rear arm rest Moon roof, Hony comb aloy wheels, heated seats, factory cell phone converted to digital, built in dash cd player premium sound with optional sub woofer, and insta clear heated windsheald. of coarse I want...
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    Low Brake Pressure

    Deffinately sounds like master cylinder they tend to rear their ugly heads when you open the systems up replace that and you should be golden.
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    how young would it be to own a Town Car

    I had a 1986 Town Car Signature Series when I was 16 I always liked big cars I graduated in 06 man that thing was a whale I loved it!
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    1996 Town Car Speedometer Issue wont display speed all the time

    Ok so here is the problem, I have had this car for about 2 years now and have had problems with the digital speedometer from the begining. It started out as an annoyance eg, dropping to zero for a brief moment while driving on the highway but then going back to the propper speed. It has gotten...
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    Where To Get a Replacement JBL Subwoofer

    yes the jl audio works fine. the biggest problem with town car sound system is the way it is set up makes it almos impossible to upgrade it without completely updating it eg. new radio amps rewire speakers etc unless you have big bucks or good connections your best off leaving well enough alone.
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    Air ride question

    did you replace the solenoids if so did you replace th rubber o ring if so did you lubricate it properly if not could possibly rip and leak when you raised the axle did you hear the new springs click into place also is your compressor good? a few things to ponder
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    Air suspension compressor?

    its amazing how complicated people think the air ride system is on the town car what gets me is how many people want to convert it to a conventional coil spring system. in fact its pretty simple you have the compressor, air lines control module air springs ride height sensor and perge/vent...
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    What do I need to do

    not to sound dumb but did you chech to see if the cooling fan is engaging? if im not mistaken on the 98 and up they went to an all electric setup with a 2 speed operation I would hate to see you spend a lot on a simple part.
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    Thinking about switching over to a Deville

    your better off to go with a Town Car honestly
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    The fuel indicator, and travel computer is cheating me in my towncar

    Did somE investigating well about 5 years ago co means circuit open more than likely it is the gauge set digital speedometer replace that and I'll bet your problems go away
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    check air suspension

    If you want to vent the Purge valve with the car raised at the top of the air bag is a valve take the check spring out and turn it counter clockwise repeat on other Side if this doesn't resolve your issue follow steps above
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    check air suspension!!!!! 95 TC

    Dude don't waste your money on spring conversions unless you plan to get rid of it soon thereafter. Take it from a guy who has owned 5 town cars only two ever rode right my current one (a 1996 memorial tournament edition) and my 1986 sig the 86 had springs but it was designed to and the 96 has...
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    Where To Get a Replacement JBL Subwoofer

    well idk where you can get a factory sub except to keep an eye on ebay however what i did to my 96 sig was a simple fix go to any sound system place that sells jl audio and ask for an 8 inch sub woofer once you get it instal is simple just take down the woofer box and take out the screws pull...