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    Lincoln LS headache

    lol, could definitely use some lubrication
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    Lincoln LS Drift Build

    Glad to see progress on this thread! Roll cage looks like it would have taken some work
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    Name That Part

    Is "peanut butter" a result of two different types of coolant that aren't compatible?
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    My 2001 LS light restoration

    Nice to see this. Paint and rims are stellar
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    Lincoln LS Drift Build

    Awesome, one of my favorite threads to keep checking for updates
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    Trying to get my hands on SUICIDE LS

    Always wondered what happened to show cars when the show is over.
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    Powerflex Polyurethane Bushing Install

    Like an arbor press maybe?
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    Sub Replacement Question

    Nice. I still can't believe how small they make Amps nowadays compared to the real estate the older ones took up. Minor suggestion: on the red power wire going through the metal seatback, you might want to throw a grommet or something on there. Over time the vibrations can cause the metal...
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    Skip if you have a weak stomach - painting my 3.9L V8

    I think it looks pretty good, myself. Kudos on putting the effort into cleaning it up, wish I had a garage like that.
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    Story of when I hit a mobility scooter doing 75 mph

    The title suggested more carnage, so glad it all worked out. Can't imagine the Civic or Scooter made out as well
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    Pretty sure I still have mine and the manual around somewhere. Re: depreciation value. ~15+ years old stand out (there are exceptions of course). Either not on the road anymore or else more for the average person to maintain vs. put towards something newer.
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    Another won't start thread

    Usually this time of year it's battery related (freeezing temps) but I agree it's probably a fuel pump due to the blown fuse. Learned from my experience anyway. Good luck with yours
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    2002 LS V8 Sport Partout

    Those will be 1st gen 17" rims pictured
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    subwoofer amp

    At least the red barrel splices aren't a nondescript wad of electrical tape. Without seeing the whole scheme of things it might be a tap to a high level signal for an external amp? Maybe even a low level signal depending which pins are being hooked up to. I doubt anybody would go to the...
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    Plans for a real CAI with minimal mods - In Development and Uncomfirmed

    post completed pics! or draw it out for a while and call it a 'turbo' modification or something
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    Plans for a real CAI with minimal mods - In Development and Uncomfirmed

    Why stop there? 4" holesaw for the hood and an air filter outside the engine bay is obviously the way to go for a good nights rest :eek: lol
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    Back in the LS game!

    Lol, you may get to 98k miles at that rate!
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    Lincoln ls fog light air inlet

    Path of least resistance. Unless the filter is somehow isolated/connected to that tube, it will be sucking more (hot) air from under the hood than it will be through that corrugated pipe. Years ago on a car long long gone I tried a filter with conical 'heat shield' (from under the hood)...
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    Progress of '05 LS

    Is that an aftermarket grille?
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    Low Mileage LS's - For Sale

    The exchange rate alone would bump it up even higher!