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    Inner Tie Rod Boots / Bellows - Available?

    Sorry, I misread your post. Don't think I have boots. I think I have a set of moog inner tie rods for an 02 LSE (sport) new in box. Interested? If so, PM me. I replaced upper and lower control arms on my 02 LSE. Had new ball joints pressed into the knuckles, too. In the disassembly process...
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    Cheap set of 5x108 wheels for some inexpensive winter tires?

    Before my 02 LSE was totaled, I had two wheel sets for it. OEM 17" LSE wheels with all seasons (235/50R17)and OEM 16" with snow tires (215/60R16). The two sizes are very similar in overall diameter, so no major speedometer changes. Snow tires are a great traction improvement over all seasons...
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    2002 LSE Totaled :(

    My 2002 LSE was totaled in December after being rear-ended. I'm still bummed about it. I got it in 2008 and put a lot of miles on it. I wanted to thank this forum and all of the posters. This forum has been a fantastic resource and source of help over the years. I have done all of my own...
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    Need Rear Sport Shocks

    I went through this in the last month it so. All rear sport shocks have been discontinued. I would be very surprised if you can find any. I ended up with sport shocks in the front and standard shocks in the rear (all motorcraft). If you absolutely have to have sporty shocks, the only option...
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    Miles on your LS

    '02 LSE V8, ~109k. Black paint. I've only seen two other gen 1 LSE's and they were also black.
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    Source for rear sport shocks?

    Thanks for the help everyone, it is much appreciated. I have another question, and it might be a bit silly, but how important is it to replace suspension fasteners when replacing suspension components? For example, in the workshop manual that I have, it says to discard most of the nuts and...
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    Source for rear sport shocks?

    As much as I'd like the stance coilovers, I can't justify the $1,100 price tag for a car that I generally only drive in the winter. I ordered the "2005-2006" "standard suspension" rear shocks (p/n: W0133-1772062) from amazon for $103/ea. I'm pretty sure that all years of shocks will fit all...
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    Source for rear sport shocks?

    Ok, given that all aftermarket is junk, would I be better off with any motorcraft rear shock, even if standard or euro, if I have sport shocks up front? I found these on ebay (W0133-1772062)...
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    Source for rear sport shocks?

    If I can't find euro rear shocks (which is probable), which of the aftermarket rear shocks are the best: KYB, Monroe or Sachs?
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    Source for rear sport shocks?

    Does anyone know of a source for rear sport shocks for a 2002 LSE? I have searched everywhere for 2X Rear Shock Absorbers // 18125 (AT-704-G) '00-'02 V8 Rear "Special" (Sport) Shocks: ASH24468 or BU2Z-18V125-U or XW4Z-18125-BA or AT704G 1W43-18080-BA AT704G Shock Absorber REAR COLOR CODE...
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    Odd selectshift / transmission issue

    I installed new plugs when I did all the coils, yes. I have put 30k miles on since then without any trouble (beyond the weird transmission behavior, but that started before I replaced the coils/plugs). I will start with sending the PCM off for diagnostic testing when I have some time to tear...
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    Odd selectshift / transmission issue

    I've done some more reading, could this be my PCM failing? From another thread, it was stated that failing coils could cause RF interference, damaging the PCM. Well, I've had a coil fail completely, causing the car to run on 7 cylinders for a very short time (all 8 coils were replaced at about...
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    Odd selectshift / transmission issue

    I've got a weird issue with the selectshift in my '02 LSE V8. I posted in an old thread with a similar issue (the only mention I could find of this issue on the internet), but there were no responses (, so I'm...
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    Trans Shift Problems

    Sorry for raising an old post, but I'm having similar issues with my '02 LSE V8. I searched, but this problem is fairly unique. I made a post on it in 2011, but never solved my transmission issues. Any updates? Similarities of my issue and the OP's issue: when I put the car in selectshift...
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    Possible broken main timing chain?

    I know this is off topic, but out of curiosity, what prompted you to pursue a PhD in American lit after receiving a degree in chemistry? I, too, have a chem degree, pursuing a PhD in chem currently.
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    WTF Was He Up????/

    Sorry to hear about your wife's run-in. Kudos for the situational awareness. In case of future followings, I wouldn't suggest "meeting at the park" with one way in and one way out. Just instruct her to drive to a police station. About concealed carry, I agree with some of the previous...
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    How does a Oxygen sensor ACTUALLY work

    Oxygen sensors have two electrodes, usually made of yttria stabilized zirconia. One measures the gas of interest (oxygen in the exhaust) and the other measures a reference gas--so the computer can know where the exhaust gas should be at. It compares the potential between the two electrodes to...
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    Rear Fastner on 3.9 Valve Covers...

    I did a search but didn't turn up what I was looking for. Sorry if this has been covered before, if so, feel free to delete it. I started the replacement of my valve cover gaskets on my '02 LSE 3.9 V8 last night. I got the passenger side off just fine, but when I went to work on the...
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    Coils or Transmission?

    Ok, thanks for the feedback. It's definately the coils, one went bad last night. Now I've got a rough idle and it makes the car shake. I have the coils on order and am going to order the gasket set soon. Is it safe to drive the car for a week in this condition? (20 minutes total round trip...
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    Coils or Transmission?

    2002 LSE V8. Has been taking oil, smells like burnt oil when I put it in the garage at night. When the car hasn't warmed up fully, sometimes when I pull away from my driveway, the RPMs will suddenly drop, almost like stomping on the brakes. It'll do it once, and that's it--and not always...