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    Suspension Conversion Kit

    Did the Strut master standard right height in my 97 3 or 4 years ago. Very happy with them.
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    kTa's Mark Hate

    With the age of these cars I keep all that automatic stuff off. Driver memory, auto seat glide, reverse mirror, anything like that. At this age they are going to be problematic. The neon in my 97 has never worked. Recently the one in my 98 with the original ballist doesn't work sometimes. There...
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    kTa's Mark Hate

    Sounds like my first mark viii experience. Bougth a 97 base. Nothing wrong with it when I bought it. But omg the first year and a half one thing after another. Air ride crapped out, front end, brake lines, and countless other things. But on the brighter side after the first year and a half I...
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    Air Ride message. Delete?

    Its on the passenger side. Behind the kick panel, or just above where the carpet ends up under the dash.
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    Air Ride message. Delete?

    I have not done this myself, but on another Mark site. " cut the green wire with yellow stripe" on the air ride module.
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    Intermittent air ride message

    Most likely a leak. Fronts can do some crazy things. My 97 had simular symptoms as yours. Car could sit for days and not drop a hair. I found the leak by accident. One day driving on divided highway next to the barrier with my window open, everytime i hit a dip in the road i could hear pisst...
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    DDM won't enter programming mode

    Got it!!! Put your factory code in and push 1/2 then factory code again then 1/2
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    DDM won't enter programming mode

    I had the same problem with both my 97 and 98. Put the factory code push 1/2 and got nothing. There is a step missing from the instructions. Even the owners manual. Sorry to say I am having a senior moment and can't remember what it was, but I did get them programed. Hopefully it will come to me.
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    PCM Replacement

    If your stuck in that no start. From off position turn the key to run postion without hitting start. Let it sit in the run position 2 or 3 minutes. Then turn to off and without removing the key turn start. Should start if the problem is in yhe anti theft.
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    PCM Replacement

    I had intermittent crank/no start with my 97 the first several weeks I had it. Flashing theft light I don't remember about the chime. 2 things I found. I had a second lincoln chipped key on my key ring. Removed it, cured. Lol well almost, one other thing if I park against the building the side...
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    PCM Replacement

    Intermittent crank/no start with the anti theft light flashing?
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    97-98 HID Headlights story please

    Not from them but thats what I am using for low beam
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    97-98 HID Headlights story please

    Typo I used 9005
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    97-98 HID Headlights story please

    About 5 years ago I bought 9006 led from . Unplug the ballist and plug the bulb in. But you still have to fit the bulb to the housing. They are better then the originals, you may have to adjust them down a little so not to blind oncoming cars.
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    Idle Problem

    1998 LSC 64,000 mile all original. Had a slightly high idle problem so started here. Took off the air tube, clean MAF (had already done that last year), Throttle body clean from last year, Took off IAC and cleaned it good. All back together idle speed is normal now, But slow to return to normal...
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    What did you do to your Mark VIII today?

    Install a Lance tune on my 98 LSC.
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    Finally ditched the Low Beam HIDs for LED's

    My 97 had been converted to Halogen's when i bought it it. Down right dangerous couldn't see a thing. I put in 9005 , 5000K also. There great. My 98 still has the original Hid's. The LED's are better in my opinion.
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    Rotunda Starz 11 code reader tool for Lincoln MKVIII.

    Just have to keep an eye on Ebay. They pop up now and then. From what I understand thats the only one for air ride system.
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    Want coil springs

    I did the Strutmaster kit on my 97. Very happy with it. Car handles great.
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    98 mark viii pcm or pats

    Sputter and died I don't know. But sounds like the pats is preventing it from starting now. Reset it by turning the ignition to the on position and leave it for a couple minutes, forget the exact time. Then turn the key off and then try to start it.