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  1. roman_capps

    how young would it be to own a Town Car

    haha you're right it has a huge back seat
  2. roman_capps

    how young would it be to own a Town Car

    haha I love that post I can't stand jap cars they are small built with no pride what so ever and they are cheap. my mother has a Nissan Rogue I hate riding in it the ride is terrible we hit a bump and the shock absorber is my spine and every time I get out of it she has to hear d*** jap piece of...
  3. roman_capps

    how young would it be to own a Town Car

    Well thanks ochomarko I have heard quite a bit of people tell me aren't you a little to young. So I wanted to hear what others had to say. I also hear in north FL near dothan that kids my age call my car a peice of crap because it's not a truck. I love how the 2nd gen town car looks from the...
  4. roman_capps

    No A/C and clicking noise

    Nice! It has been past 1 month man, does time fly.
  5. roman_capps

    how young would it be to own a Town Car

    I have a 1993 Town Car and I am 16.
  6. roman_capps

    2002 El Dorado

    The pothead lady drove her N* engine a lot she went from Florida to Indiana and back every 6 months and she drove it until she used up all the water it overheated and she never started it again until the guy bought it from her. So I guess it can justified by just a hit and miss
  7. roman_capps

    2002 El Dorado

    a pothead I knew owned a 97 deville with the northstar engine she sold it for 1 $ and she tried to sell it to me but a guy bought it and the pothead thought she blew the head gasket when it just needed coolant she was pissed.
  8. roman_capps

    torqueflite a518 46RH

    I got a deal from a friend on a 1994 dodge ram 1500 for $600 comes with a toolbox interior was in good condition cargo boxes in the cab. It was very dirty on the first day but, very recently I drove of the drive way and I put the truck in park and it's stuck in park the shift lever moves like it...
  9. roman_capps

    PS2 Games for sale

    what do you still have for the Xbox I have a working one and another I use for parts
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    Southern english teachers

    In the south the education may not be the best but, it sure left some good memories. When I was a kid I grew up around old rednecks who didn't care about grammar so I spoke like a old redneck and I still do sometimes it's in my blood. Well in 3rd grade I had a substitute teacher and I kept...
  11. roman_capps

    Catholic School Girls

    haha oh lord you people are going to kill me :) that was funny
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    Check out this Playstation 3

    that is nice did you do that?
  13. roman_capps

    One of The Funniest Things I Have Ever Seen!

    haha that's one looney b!tch. There was a time were I stopped laughing just to grasp for air. You just don't know how annoying this song is when katy perry sings it.
  14. roman_capps

    Cars Other Then Lincolns or Cadillacs That You Wish You Owned

    I want a 1957 Plymouth fury I love a 318 it's beautiful and offers comfort with a torsion bar suspension only bad thing about them they are expensive because of Christine and are plagued with rusty body panels
  15. roman_capps

    1992 Town Car Radio Inop

    one question is it the original radio if so the PAC or premium analog cassette radios have an issue with the internals so it would be best to get a new head unit. or if you can online and go to pioneer and they have an aftermarket cassette radio if you like cassettes. the best for you :)
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    Funny pic of the Week

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    Funny pic of the Week

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    Funny pic of the Week