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    Michael is into Z-06s an also working on the summit house on PIKE PEAK when they can looking...

    Michael is into Z-06s an also working on the summit house on PIKE PEAK when they can looking like at least a 3 year project. He has a gen 2 right hand head light that is in good condition might have a few other parts up in the over head. JD.
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    1995 Indigo Lights/Black LSC Progress

    Hi Chris this is Michael dad just walking on the key board an checking on what happening. We are working on a special deal that is keeping us busy. fire Mike a email to find out about it. security that he imposed. Hope things go good for you the old man JD.
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    It's official...

    Good find JP don't know if Michael told you but JON my youngest found a 94 with blown bags so we are going to salvage the motor and various parts. also MICHAEL finished first in the Colorado Plumbers test so he goes to PASCO WA in June for the western region contest. also HE blew the...
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    How can an oil dipstick get stuck?

    2x on SAPP said. JD
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    Out with the old...

    looking good havn't been to busy lately WILL have to kick it up a bit Michael is headed home. GOOD TO HEAR some of the old timers still active. we have to redo the exhaust on the 97 took the kooks off going with stock manifolds to the homebuilt tubing. want to start on the 95 and get the parts...
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    Service Repair Shop Manuals, Are They Worth It?

    Michael and I have the manuals for the mark viii s they are worth every penny we spent on them in time and frustration saved. I also have Corvette and Camaro& Firebird from 1988 to 2002 that we are going to sell they are 99% in super shape got them from a friend that lost his dealership. It was...
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    The Twelve Days Of Lincoln

    Hi and BEST of the seasons to YOU AND & YOUR Family from another old timer meet you at CARLISLE in 06 we had the ORANGE PUMPKIN that won the class that year . MICHAEL and I moved from IL. to COLORADO SPRINGS. Take care and enjoy life. And keep moving.jd
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    What is your 6, 7th position numbers in your VIN for your 95 or 96 LSC

    DEB the factory repair manual has a chart of measurement in it section 01-01-3and -4 use a couple of nuts and pieces of string to make plum bobs to hang down on the measuring points. will give you an idea if it is very far out.
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    What is your 6, 7th position numbers in your VIN for your 95 or 96 LSC

    Hi DEB sorry to hear about the wreck. RODGER is a good guy and have dealt with him before. according to myspecificatio book from ford 95 edition page vi-53 there is only 91 base listed. the book that I have is listing a publishers date as dec of 94 so some one with a newer book might have a...
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    Calendar Submission Winners

    looks like I'll have to straighten out and calm the the Illinois kids down. can I be the flagman? Best of the season to ALL.jd
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    2014 Lincoln MarkVIII Calendar Poll

    peterk sorry you TEACHER was wrong you made it this far. you just march to a different drummer like a lot of us thank GOD. jd
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    97 LSC Europe - long project!

    welcome to the site. post a wish list and will keep our eyes open for parts. JD
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    Photo shoot

    nice shots guys miss the fun times take care. JD
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    The new shop.....

    a little pipefitting for a hair dryer maybe? the table took us two days to build going to add a 3x3 angle to the front so we can lay round objects and not have them roll off. got a great deal on the 8" vice. the wooden bench was a little wobbly when putting torque on some things so we added the...
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    1997 Evergreen/Ivory Progress

    ya chicken I have to stay active with old age on the horizon. besides it is fun. jd a
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    CC recall, Ford STEALERship, new cel P1414

    guys welcome to older group FORD GM AND other manufactures don't give a damm. they have already spent the money that they made by selling the car and or under no obligation too you plus they might not have the manuals to work on our antiques . its all a money game. you try and find a good...
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    Exhaust sound question..?

    DON are you running long tubes ?
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    rear window molding

    have one of JOHN's kits on the EVERGREEN and IVORY 97 it works wonder but it doesn't help the solar damage or carzing of the seal its self. trying to use silicone sealant and sanding it more later. JD
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    Exhaust sound question..?

    I am thinking of using 3" oval from the outlet of the X pipe to mitered 45 mandlebends then slice it and insert about 3 or 4 baffles staggered and with holes in the baffles making a sound suppressor to the front of the diff. then use 2 1/2 tubing to the back bumper. doing away with the rear...
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    1997 Evergreen/Ivory Progress

    thinking of coming out of the x pipe with 3" single oval to the rear end then split it . wondering what the sound will be like. it will be smoother flow more later.JD