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    I will have to check on that
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    I test drove the MKS last year with 19" Tires. I don't recall the ride being any better than my 20s. I find the ride very smooth.
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    2010 Lincoln MKZ Unveiled!

    My Salesman let me drive his demo car today, while I was there for something else. While I am spoiled now by my MKS the new MKZ interior is very nice and the car has great acceleration. I am 6' 4" and find the leg room adequate for driving around the city but would be tight on a long road trip.
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    Mks Vs Cts

    Comparing the CTS-V to the MKS was just wrong.
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    I just can't say enough about how great the sound system is in this car. I feel like I am sitting in a lazzy boy with headphones on. There is very little exterior noise that comes into the cabin, kind of surreal. All these cars driving by and you don't hear them.
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    I finally got a chance to take some pictures
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    Well I have done my part in helping the auto industry. I bought the Challenger in the beginning of Dec 08, I traded an 06 Mustang for it. I was going to wait to get an MKS but Ford Canada had some good incentives and the dealer sold me the car as a demo. The finance guy drove it for under...
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    No only the Sunshade can be opened/closed to allow them to look out in the rear. I guess there is nowhere to put the glass in the back to open it.
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    I traded in my Lincoln Mark LT this week for a 2009 MKS. It is Tuxedo Black - Black Interior - FWD - 20" Rims - Vision Package - Dual Panel Moonroof This car is very cozy to drive. The interior is very quiet, Microsoft Sync is awesome and the audio system sounds like you are sitting in a...
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    Buick's MKS Killer..?

    I don't mind the exterior of the Buick but the interior does not do it for me. The MKS interior is hard to beat though ;)
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    Lincoln MKT Spy Shots

    Sorry to say but I would buy the Flex over this. The exterior is not bad but I don't like the interior
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    Anyone own an MKS yet

    According to Wikipedia the cars sizes are not that different: Lincoln LS 193.3 in Lincoln MKS 203.8 in I do agree that the MKS looks a little to tall :D
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    Anyone own an MKS yet

    Just wondering if anyone bought or leased an MKS yet. I would like to know how you like the car :)
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    free car washes for life

    I guess I should not have moved away from the Yonge and Sheppard area. A little to far to go to from Etobicoke :)
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    Quick Test Drive

    According to Wikipedia the cars sizes are as follows: Lincoln LS 193.3 in Lincoln MKS 203.8 in The one I drove was FWD. The AWD they had on the lot was already sold so I could not drive it. There was definitely more leg room in the MKS then my LS had. One of the reason I traded the LS...
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    Quick Test Drive

    My dealer finally got an MKS this week so I took it for a quick test drive yesterday. I am 6’4” and found there to be a lot off leg and head room. The interior is very nice and the seating position is great. The one I drove was front wheel drive and when I stepped on the gas the front end seemed...
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    New Mark LT Owner

    I traded in my 2004 Lincoln LS last week for a 2006 Lincoln Mark LT 4X4. The truck is awesome. I have had a 2000 and 2002 F150 Harley Davidson Edition before so I am not new to owning Trucks. It is nice to be up high again and have all the room. We had a beautiful dry and sunny day here in...
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    Stupid question, but I gotta know.

    With your Owners manual there should be a plastic card that has the code on it. I had it in my LS that way and I just picked up a Mark LT and it has it as well.
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    Lincoln V-8 Axed Big Mistake IMHO