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    Joey, You'er In our Thoughts

    It came out like that, instead of the simpler, rember her in life, dont remember her in death. Those are the memories that you should always cherish, because in those, in that love you have, she'll continue to exist, in one of the most important places to her. In you and your family.
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    Joey, You'er In our Thoughts

    I know I don't hardly know you Joey, and I don't know yo9ur mother at all, but I kinda wrote this in the past 10 minutes for you. It just happens for me.... I have to keep a pen and paper near me at all times... Remembrance Remember me as I was, vibrant, young, and bold, full of...
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    My car is destroyed...

    No Lincolns for me. I can't really go to the Town Car, because 95-97 would be too haunting. I'd always compare it to my late grandfathers car, which wrecked on that same road, different stretch though. The LS is nice, but it's underpowered, and just too small. Not going FWD anymore, just...
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    My car is destroyed...

    For those interested For pics of the mangled car. Last pic is my cut up arm. Thinking of a 96 Fleetwood to replace the Eldo.
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    My car is destroyed...

    That's right, my beloved Cadillac, is now a corpse. Died around 1 am, dodged an animal, a tire blew, went into a ditch, bounced off 1 tree, right at the passenger side firewall spot. Spun into a 2nd tree, planted to the tree around the drivers door. The door took the brunt of the impact. I'm...
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    Eldorado ReD

    20's are a bit big for the Eldo IMO. But clean. So, what's next for it?
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    My new '97 Eldo

    hehe, go visit my car for the body kit available. And my list is far worse.
  8. 97 Cadillac Eldorado

    97 Cadillac Eldorado

    Here's the total plans of what I'd love to do to my car. Probably only half of this stuff will ever happen. -Custom cowl hood, similar to the old Grand Nationals -Blacked out headlights -Strip all the chrome off -Repaint the car, base a Black Satin, including the grills up front...
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    Exhaust system

    I have Ravin mufflers on my caddy. Nice deep sound, done by Midas.
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    K&N Filter On Caddy?

    Been running a K&N for a while. Doesnt help on power, but the no replacing is nice. Going to change it for a cold air setup sometime.
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    Supercharger Anyone?

    XMS has been talking about the blower for over 2 years. They've not gotten anywhere on the programming in months. Let me know when it's ACTUALLY out.
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    cadillac performance sts Brake Parts for 1989

    You can also check They carry a lot of things.
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    baer brakes

    I'd love to, wanna give me the cash and have me test it out? :)
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    My new '97 Eldo

    Nice Eldo. What kind of plans do you have for it?
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    97 Red Eldorado ETC Convertible

    Not too shabby looking. Though supercharged?