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  1. MonsterMark

    Pretty damn interesting I must say.

    I can see the nose up on the plane and the tail section.
  2. MonsterMark

    New Ride-Not a LS

    GM? When Obama pays the Shareholders back the money they got screwed out of, I might consider a GM some day. Not gonna happen so there's not a chance.
  3. MonsterMark

    WTB: 2nd Gen Driver's Seat in Grey

    Complete seat wanted in Grey. The lighter grey. I will have to look up the code for the color. Thanks.
  4. MonsterMark

    Parting 2 98 LSC's

    Driver's Seat Wanted
  5. MonsterMark

    *Feeler* 97 Base Part out. What do you need?

    Wanted: Driver's Seat Passenger AC Vent cover
  6. MonsterMark

    Mark VIII(8) Prototype Struts

    Eddie, Bill's a good choice. I have teenage kids beating the piss out of my '98 and I will be replacing the front end this month but if you only have one set to test, so be it. Try buying air shocks for an Audi. $700 a side. Over $1K at the stealership...each! Good luck and I look forward...
  7. MonsterMark

    Thanks, bye

    We appreciated most (but not all) your 12,775 posts. ;) Thank you for being such a loyal member. Stoney River eh? I'll definitely look you up if I travel by your way. Good luck and thank you for your friendship the past 5-6 years.
  8. MonsterMark

    The Word - by Nancy Pelosi

    Glenn Beck totally owns Nanc The Word... isn't it a beautiful word, the Word. lmao.
  9. MonsterMark

    Someone is upset about the new 5.0

    "as i pulled 15 second timeslips" precious
  10. MonsterMark

    Iowahawk screencaps Journolist chat

    Olbermann...Anybody ever have sex? LMAO. BTW, my avatar rocks!
  11. MonsterMark

    Thank Obama for the upcoming depression

    Obama and Eminem should get together and rap about the destruction of the USA. Time to celebrate.
  12. MonsterMark

    Thank Obama for the upcoming depression

    The FEDS have finally sounded the alarm bell by tapping a pencil on the desk. The Obama administration is driving the US economy over the cliff. The 3 Republican RINO's that voted for Finance Reform just put the final dagger in the U.S. economy. Too stupid to know they're stupid. That explains...
  13. MonsterMark

    Racist Nazi runs as a Republican on hate filled platform

    So a Democrat paints a swastika on the back of his bald head and runs for office as a Republican? OK, I got it.
  14. MonsterMark

    Tea party billboard in Iowa compares President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler and Vladi

    The truth hurts! That billboard is spot on. Keep trying to paint the Tea Party as extremists. Your day is coming in November when we take back control of the government and all you progressives can crawl back in the hole for another couple decades.
  15. MonsterMark

    How much do Barry and Michelle HATE America?

    You tell me. We have a crisis in the Gulf that they have done everything possible to make worse and hinder all efforts to clean up. Then they show up and tell people to vacation down there while they go to Maine. And then Michelle puts on this dress...makes this hand jesture...and...
  16. MonsterMark

    Is Suffering Part of God's Plan?

    We apologize for this commercial interruption. YouTube- FOX 11 LOS ANGELES NEWS REPORTER INTERRUPTED
  17. MonsterMark

    Come on, be honest: How many here voted for this guy?

    Ya, I can't understand why she would not want to create a sheet-storm in her life. Care to read the article and how the story broke? AlGore..."The Sex Poodle"... lmao! "Release my Chakra" - AlGore lma-off'd even more!
  18. MonsterMark

    World Cup 2010

    Well they certainly had enough frikkin chances.;)
  19. MonsterMark

    Oh, so thats what happened to Frog.

    Now the scientists know why frogs are dying all over the world. Man, that was really bad. I'm scarred for life.