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  1. Lincoln Mark VIII Coil Spring Suspension Conversion

    Lincoln Mark VIII Coil Spring Suspension Conversion

    Submitted by BlackiceLSC Editor’s Note: The big reason for this conversion today is to eliminate the problems that can accompany the stock Lincoln air suspension system. The strut bags will eventually leak and the air pump will eventually fail. The downside to this conversion is that you will...


    Submitted by BlackiceLSC Visit the Lincoln Mark VIII Forum for more info The following is a “How To” of how to perform a 1-2 shift accumulator piston and spring assembly replacement and 2-3 shift accumulator assembly replacement as well as the legendary “JMOD” to your Lincoln Mark VIII...
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    crap no start

    get that FF replaced asap. im surprised the shop didnt force you to in order to get a warranty on the pump(mandated by pump manufacturer)
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    crap no start

    same locations for Gen 1 and Gen 2
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    For Sale 97 Mark VIII LSC Parts

    is this car still around? I need the HVAC assembly behind the dash
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    WTB Gen 2 HVAC box, complete

    like it says: I need a Gen 2 HVAC box, complete. I am not worried about blend door actuator or gray arms... I need to remove my broken HVAC box and repair a broken blend door...not actuator, but door. I need a used HVAC box on stand-by. I plan to rebuild it, install a new modified blend...
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    Here's a little story for you all. From a while back... The day I bought my 94 back in 2003, my brother-in-law Tommy drove it and HAD to have one. I searched for weeks and found him a filthy, but solid 93 Garnet red/black mark VIII with all options. He fell in love. Through the years we've fed...
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    WTB addco rear sway bar Mark VIII

    Looking for a solid Addco or comparable rear sway bar for a Lincoln mark VIII. Only a 1-1/4" or 1-3/8" must include end links shipping to 95403 (business)
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    1995 Indigo Lights/Black LSC Progress

    uuuuhgggggggg!!!! I just spent an hour looking at every page of this thread, slowly building the suspense and fighting temptation to just click on the last page to see the end result....slowly, clicking, reading, drooling....waiting.....and now I am here...the last page....and....
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    Look who is back

    at first they offered me $1700. I was in a rental car(on their dime) So I told them to get back to me with a realistic offer and until then I'll keep driving the rental. They said "we have another appraiser we use, lets try them" So we waited a week. They came back with an offer for $4200...
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    10 spoke silver mark 8 wheels

    I used E-Z-OFF oven cleaner to make my old 95's silver 10-spokes look brand new here's how I did it: have a hose with nozzle at the ready a bucket or warm soapy water with a wash cloth 1 can of E-Z-OFF oven cleaner. with wheels cold(not warm from driving), spray the outer painted surface with...
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    Look who is back

    Yet Another Mark VIII for me My 95 LSC "clone" was damaged last week by a kid who backed in to it with his Toyota pick-up = Enough damage for his insurance company to total it based on mileage (202k) grill, hood, header, chrome trim, HID's, bumper, corner lights... I was not happy...
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    aftermarket HU but no sound

    ebay is littered with 95+ amps. as for "hell bent", nope...just doesn't want to throw money in to a sound system for a car he hardly drives. cant say I blame him. it's got a $150 Pioneer HU in it. that's all...nothing wrong with spending time to make the factory system work with the HU like it...
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    aftermarket HU but no sound

    I want it. I found out EXACTLY what is wrong, by studying the wiring diagrams...boy did I learn a lot from another member on another site. check this out: on 93-94, the flat "phone jack" looking connector is the INPUT. the large jacks on the outer edges are OUTPUT. essentially the...
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    What kind of air struts are these?

    Bam-ba-lam! you heard it straight from the source. if that doesn't answer all...
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    aftermarket HU but no sound's speaker level wire, not RCA. it literally has a small plug at the back of the HU that contains wires that are pre-stripped. You butt-splice/solder those to the pre-spliced ends of the wiring harness adapter. I've done it literally dozens of times, without incident. it's the most...
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    aftermarket HU but no sound

    to get the edge Camaro, when PSN comes back on, do this:!/ps3Giveaway/register then enter this code: 841058005209 oh, and the proper link for the garage is .net sorry it's a deep blue/purple toner car with white...
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    What kind of air struts are these?

    they also have trouble with the solenoid receptacles not sealing properly. Not to mention they can literally seperate if you lift the vehicle and allow them to fully extend, which makes no sense as how else are you supposed to pull the wheels off the car. I've had 3 of those come apart on...
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    The lincoln mark viii shelby cobra mustang is here!!!

    I just threw up. In my mouth.
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    aftermarket HU but no sound

    I am searching for a known good USED 93-94 JBL amp. Thank you...I totally agree. I also am bummed about the harness by-pass thing because so many have used one and it worked fine. But I have a good feeling you are absolutely right. I am going to buy a different amp when I find one...