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  1. How to Lower the Lincoln Mark VIII Suspension Sensor

    How to Lower the Lincoln Mark VIII Suspension Sensor

    For more help with your Lincoln Mark VIII suspension. visit the Lincoln Mark VIII Forum Submitted by:Kale Kainoa – djkale A popular and easy Lincoln Mark VIII suspension modification is to “lower” your car, so the tires are closer to the wheel wells. This makes the car a little more...
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    D3 Cadillac STS Aftermarket Parts!!!!

    Is that an actual Caddy or a riced out civic made up to look like a Caddy...??? Man they do look quite nice, but a little more subtlety would go a VERY long way. Nice job regardless guys, makes me wonder how long it will be before I can pick up an 05 in the $20's. Kale
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    It shouldn't be hard if you rip everything out and put all new stuff in, but it would be quite a bit more expensive... I don't know about the security system, but being that your car has been around for almost a decade, I'm sure a qualified shop will have just the thing for you in case there...
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    STS or Accord

    Actually, I was just reading through the Car and Driver test results and found that the Accord EX V6 (2006 probably) runs 14 second quarter miles so it may just be a good race...:( There are tons of cars now that run 14s. The times have caught up with our beloved Caddy's... Kale
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    Stock 99 STS Chrome Wheels - Excellent!

    Wheels are 16x7" 5x115mm, FWD offset. They are in excellent condition. They are just sitting in my garage taking up space. Spring is here so they gots ta go! I'm looking for $500 but will consider all offers. Tires are worn and need to be replaced. I can remove the tires from the wheels to ship...
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    cruise control

    If I could read your mind then maybe I could help. :) What year/model Cadillac do you own?? Kale
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    98 Cadillac Seville SLS/STS Codes

    Here's a quick tip... If you have a digital camera that shoots video, run the codes then capture it all with your camera. They come and go way too fast and you'll find yourself second guessing the numbers. With the video you can pause and wite down everything without worrying if you missed a...
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    Go Colts!!!

    Unbelieveable! Just glad The Bus didn't go out like that... Kale
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    sensor lowering question

    Yup, they are the same. It won't actually "slam" via the sensors but it may get lower than you like. Just remember that results vary... Kale
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    Drive by caught on tape....

    I did some research because nothing screamed fake besides the fact that it is pretty hard to believe - it turns out that this is supposedly a scene from a movie called "Gang Tapes". At first it was hard to decipher and really IMO can not be decidedly deciphered (:D) based on the video alone...
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    what are the symptoms of a bad brake booster?

    IIRC, you are describing exactly what happened when my brake booster failed. I would have brakes for a period of time, then the pedal would slowly go to the floor, eventually requiring maximum pedal effort to stop. I replaced the booster with one off a TBird and my problems went away. It was NOT...
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    WOW! new Lincoln 2007 MKS sports sedan, with 315 HP V-8

    So first Lincoln tries to copy BMW and introduces the LS. Now they are shooting for Acura with the MKS??? It is destined for the same fate. I think this car (and SUV) will keep Lincoln in business, but I don't think it will IMPROVE their current position in the marketplace. As a Mark VIII...
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    New STS-V

    The STS-V is definitely and awesome car, esp. considering that it is American. The problem is that at $70+ it has to compete with the likes of Benz's outfitted by AMG and Beamers wearing "M" emblems, touting V10s and a full 500HP. Kale
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    WOW! new Lincoln 2007 MKS sports sedan, with 315 HP V-8

    Looks nice! But some of you guys will have to swap out those 20s for 18s...LOL! This car should have come out 5 years ago (or more). 300HP doesn't raise too many eyebrows in 2006. Kale
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    Tune-Up Time

    I'm right at 95K and looking to replace the spark plugs, air filter and serpentine belt on my 99 STS. Can anyone recommend a specific plug for better performance? What's a good brand or serpentine belt to buy? I already did the fuel filter. Anything else I should look for? Kale
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    Dodge Challenger

    I think you guys will like this one, even if you aren't a Mopar fan... 1280x1024 Version Damn I hope they build this beast! Kale
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    STS rear spoiler

    Funny that you want a spoiler for your 2000, I always thought the 1998+ cars look like they already have a spoiler molded into the rear decklid... Kale
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    Turn On Lead - 99STS

    I removed the sub entirely, but you may be able to simply tighten the plastic fastener. I believe it just pushes in an out so you would just have to push it back in if it has rattled loose. Kale
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    Turn On Lead - 99STS

    Problem solved! :) Browsing through the service manual, I found a section called RAP - Retained Accessory Power. This is the system which allows accessory power for 10 minutes after the car is shut off. I was able to tap into the rear fuse block to access the RAP relay dedicated to the...
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    Turn On Lead - 99STS

    I have a 99 STS w/o Nav and I'm trying to find a suitable wire for turning on my sub amp. I have the schematics and found that I can splice into the power antenna module, but I can not find where this wire is routed in the vehicle. I can get to it in the headliner, and I know I can tap into it...