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    90 tc bda

    Hey everybody, I need to take apart the dash, and replace my BDA the part number I found 'XW7Z-19E616-BA'
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    Where To Get a Replacement JBL Subwoofer

    I would try this instead|%5brank4%5d6-1%2f2%22
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    Joys of Public Transportation (NSFW)

    Haa.. I own a Hyundai, but think very differently then they do...
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    Joys of Public Transportation (NSFW)

    This is priceless, so many things are wrong in this vid, one this is right though, bearded/Vietnam vet beat his ass! I posted this on a Hyundai forum last night to show the masses... 24hrs later, 1 reply. The admin said this "l know you have put this thread in the 'off topic lounge'.......and...
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    What have you done, that 95% of the people here haven't.

    My life is not that exciting.. But Ill try... Reached 140 MPH in my Hyundai Sonata on 295. Was racing a decked out v6 mustang, and had no choice but to pass cars on the left side shoulder at least 85 on 541 Ive also driven on the shoulder lane to pass people or just for the hell of it many...
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    HIDs for less than $40 on ebay, give me your opinion

    djknowledge, what k are the lows?
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    Making a Hot Rod Lincoln

    I don't know much about engines beside general maintenance, but man, that TC looks great, the rims, tinted headlights, what % tint, and is it lowered?
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    town car in vidio games

    I have not played SAMP in a looong time! So much fun!
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    Supercharged 97 Lincoln Mark VIII- Carlisle Ford Nationals Winner!

    I remember seeing a supercharged Mark on Youtube, was it yours?
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    1983 Pontiac Bonneville Wagon, v8 posi rear, tach& gauges

    Man I wish I found this thread earlier, I would have so bought it! Hope who ever gets it takes care of it...
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    Projector Upgrade 1990 TC

    What bulb does each projector take?
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    town car in vidio games

    Here is what I rock in my San Andreas Garage! Really?!?
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    90-94 TC headlights

    Madme, you should deff start your own thread! I'm sure many people would love to see those lights, and you will probably get a lot of props from the members here!
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    90-94 TC headlights

    Got any photos at night with the cutoff? That look great!
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    90-94 TC headlights

    I can get projectors, do they have to be BMW? I can get a pair of TSX projectors for probably 100 on ebay. Now how is the lighting setup, are you running bi-xenon projector, or separate hi-low, and if separate how did you rewire for both bulbs? The HID kit, I have but don't think I would have...
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    90-94 TC headlights

    omg they look amazing! How much would you charge if I sent you a brand new pair of housings to put these in?!?!
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    Interior lights stayon

    Hey everybody, I gotta 90 TC, just last night I realized that the interior lighting stays on.. all doors are shut, trunk is shut, hood is shut... I pulled out the little bulbs under the dash, and there is only one door 'courtesy light' that stays glowing now, so any help would be great before my...
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    90 removal of headlight assembly

    Thanks for the tips, Ill keep them in mind, but I' going to rephrase my first post.. I actually need like a write up on how to remove the headlight housings... Agree, that's is why I refuse to get rid of it (unless it falls apart) so far it have just been alot of maintenance, the front seats...
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    Just wreckt the LS...

    Here in NJ the saying is "you have to go right to make a left" most intersection like that one here it's illegal to make a left. You would have to hit the jug to wrap yourself around to the intersection crossing light.
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    90 removal of headlight assembly

    Hey everybody I ordered new turning lamp and headlight assemblies... Anyone got any write ups on how to remove and replace them, because I'm not sure what I'm doing.