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  1. Katshot

    '86 MKVII LSC for sale

    Just took a look in my warehouse to get an idea of what I have in the way of parts. I have: Rear deck lid Both doors complete Rear bumper Full dash panel Engine Rear differential ass'y 2 sets of LSC wheels Studded snow tires Trunk carpeting Tail lamps Assorted trim items Various electronic...
  2. Katshot

    '86 MKVII LSC for sale

    The car's been in the family ever since new. Been customized into a "SE" clone and looks beautiful! I am getting rid of the car and almost another car worth of parts (had a parts car that I stripped years ago). Looking for $5000 for the whole package. If interested, please contact me via email...
  3. Katshot

    Need help with parts

    Rick, You're the man! Thank-you so much for the pointer on the steering wheel. I called them and will be sending my wheel ASAP! Can't wait. Their website is great. Not sure if I'm going to do the leather/wood combo, or just stay with the stock-look of leather only. That will be up to the wife...
  4. Katshot

    Need help with parts

    I've been cool. How 'bout you? How's your baby running these days? I got a little turned off by this place as a Cadillac guy so I've been hanging more at the Cadillac Forums. Lately, I've been playing with getting my wife's LSC back from the grave and on the road. It's actually road worthy now...
  5. Katshot

    Need help with parts

    Guys, Need your help sourcing a couple parts for my wife's MKVII LSC. I need a new, near new steering wheel or find a place that can replace the leather on it. I also need a hood release cable. PS, it's finally back on the road and I'll be looking forward to bringing it to one of your local...
  6. Katshot

    Remote keyfob help! Part # lookup also

    The one on the right is the one I have for my Mark VIII. BTW this is Blackout not Katshot
  7. Katshot

    Who has the fastest Mark with stock gears and no power adder?

    I did a 14.921 @ 96.75 mph with a slipping trans and a bad MLPS sensor. BTW this is Blackout not Katshot
  8. Katshot

    Fuel Injector Help Please

    Each injector will react slightly different in that type of situation and don't totally discount the possibility that your tapping was also reaching the fuel pressure regulator built into the TBI unit. Hard to tell without some hard data from a pressure gauge.
  9. Katshot

    Fuel Injector Help Please

    Check the connector on the injector. They have been known to act up. You can also swap them (the connectors) and see if the problem moves the other injector to verify whether it's the injector or not. If you swap the connectors and the problem doesn't move, the injector's bad. Hate to say it but...
  10. Katshot

    Aviator issues

    Glad to see I'm not the only one having these issues. Unfortunately, have had zero luck with the dealer as far as the seat track, crunching A/C compressor engagement, or a "trembling" steering wheel when doing low speed left turns. The dealer just gives me the old "that's NORMAL for those vehicles".
  11. Katshot

    Ford's Luxury Pickup Price Less Than Cadillac Model

    Actually, that's kind of a twisted story. Not uncommon in the ultra-competitive world of cars & trucks. Ford would like you to think that thier luxury pick-up is competition for the Cadillac EXT but truth be told, it's not. The EXT is not really a pick-up to start off with, it's really more of a...
  12. Katshot

    How do I do this mod to my car?

    I saw one like that a while ago but they used a new Beetle, and it didn't dance like Michael Jackson. I really find it amazing how they can do that. It looks so real.
  13. Katshot

    100,000 mile tuneup?

    It's a chain, and 100K miles is a little early but it's not too bad. You mentioned that it's a Seville, if it's the base Seville, it's got a 4.9 and WILL need a timing chain/gears etc., but if it's a STS, it's got a 4.6 Northstar and they have chain tensioners (no chain/gear change required)...
  14. Katshot

    baer brakes

    It's a 50 as I recall. Used the damn thing a million times and I can't say for sure. I AM getting old. ;)
  15. Katshot

    Power door locks

    The first place to check would be the master switch (driver's door). The RKE system only activates the main locking system as you would via the switch. It wouldn't be uncommon to have a bad wiring connection in the driver's door area. Possibly a fatigued wire in the harness itself.
  16. Katshot

    Stretched Hummer Limos.

    I agree that legislating everything is bad but in this case, it would stop a very dangerous trend that has gone unchecked for some time. I spent a long time in the livery industry and was very active in many levels of differing organizations over the years. I can see both sides of the arguement...
  17. Katshot

    Stretched Hummer Limos.

    Actually, these kind of limos are VERY unsafe. The Federal Government refuses to regulate them and therefore it's up to the industry itself to police itself. To my knowledge, only GM (Cadillac) and Ford (Lincoln) have stepped up and created a certified chassis and program for manufacturing...
  18. Katshot

    Truck Limo

    They do. It's a shame the federal government won't step in and stop those things from being made. They are VERY dangerous. The biggest issue is that unsuspecting customers pay big bucks to ride in these things on "special" occasions, totally unaware of how dangerous they are. They figure that if...
  19. Katshot

    New track time..

    Sorry Tommy, I suck at names. :Bang
  20. Katshot

    New track time..

    Great run Joe. I'm glad I was there to congradulate you in the pits. We had to get SOMETHING good out of last night besides a case of frostbite!! :Beer