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  1. dsinclair

    elderly drivers

    I would assume the DOT would wonder why you were sending them a photo from Germany.
  2. dsinclair

    Good Buffer

    There is only one truely good buffer for automotive detailing. The Porter Cable 7428... Poke around and you'll notice every pro and non-pro alike always refer to it as their "PC". If price is a problem - I think there's a 6" version...
  3. dsinclair

    new job?

    I'll tell you what - most people rise up pretty quickly in any organization - if they've already had experience. Today shipping - tomorrow - fabrication - day after - director of operations. Go for it if you can afford it.
  4. dsinclair

    Car won't start for awhile...

    After all the times I've heard this story - I swear I'm going to carry a replacement in the trunk.
  5. dsinclair

    Hey everyone

    Yep. Getting better every minute...
  6. dsinclair

    Yello !!!

    Life is getting even better.
  7. dsinclair

    Mark VIII wheels for sale

    I MIGHT take on the lacies for winter rims. Really depends on the split of costs and shipping.
  8. dsinclair

    Least reliable car you've ever owned.

    It's tough to say. After having owned some of the most notoriously lousy cars in the history of manufactured automobiles I can hardly say which was the worse. Let's see... Could have one of the two Renault LeCar's I owned. One was no better than the second - the only difference was one...
  9. dsinclair

    has anyone used the ding king?

    I have been looking for one in the Detroit area - as well as a windshield divot guy. I have like two or three little winter dings and a rock chink in the windshield. AAA will pay 100% of the cost of the windscreen fix - and the rest is up to me.
  10. dsinclair

    My "baby" is in the hospital

    I had a Cutlass that woofed a manifold gasket as well. One of the few times I had a clear warranty claim - and I hadn't modified the car prior to it's illness.
  11. dsinclair

    A ricer's dream.

    I'll qualify my above statements with "but I wouldn't want to own one - or do more than a 3 minute ride in one" Does that seem better?
  12. dsinclair

    Where's MY invitation

    It's a nice place - friendly folk.
  13. dsinclair

    Hood Scoop

    There it is... Very nice.
  14. dsinclair

    Hood Scoop

    I have been hatching a dream about a fresh air supply directly into the cold air box. I wanted to orginally cut into the surface of the hood - using a NACA style duct - and a rubber seal that snugged up against the box when the hood was closed (see Geno's TASCA for the concept). But with...
  15. dsinclair

    A ricer's dream.

    More like emptying your stomach contents into a coffee can. Actually a really well done (professionally done) ricer isn't too bad. But in that case everything works and the decals are there because the car is actually sponsored. Like the ones on display at SEMA
  16. dsinclair

    My "baby" is in the hospital

    Hey I look at it this way. If I have to go inside - maybe it's time to toss the motor in there and start on the Cobra motor... Hmmm...
  17. dsinclair

    My "baby" is in the hospital

    The plugs are likely original - 60K. I bought some 22s and if I get brave enough to yank the coil on plug wires - without ripping something loose - I'll do it soon. Unfortunately, I'm back where I started from on my cooling problem. Once I got to the mechanic he admited to not being able to...
  18. dsinclair

    Tune up time...........

    Heck - my spark plugs wires are 18 gauge speaker wire. COPs on the Gen 2's. I did buy some 22c's however - I couldn't believe the difference in going one step colder. ANY EFI engine loves them cold plugs.
  19. dsinclair

    Oldie but a goodie.........

    ToddnMiss - Reinhart has a theory about the point range of MAF's that claims that bigger is not necesarily better. If you care to read it - here's his summary: Mass Air Flow Meters I get a lot of calls about Maf's. The Mustangs have a good Maf, but it can also do real well on the...
  20. dsinclair

    Hi Everyone

    Bryan: One D and two Ls in Cadillac. ;)